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Extra addiction treatment

Extra addiction treatment is what will liberate everyone from the bondage of drug addiction

Extra addiction treatment: Both for drug abuse and mental health

The many ways of administering treatment for substance abuse and mental health problems are working well. However, when dealing with matters of this magnitude nothing must be left to chance if we want to meet our primary objective of eliminating addiction problem. Because of that, we want to take the time to dwell much on the extra addiction treatment solutions we have. And according to doctor Dalal Akoury M who is a veteran addiction expert, there are many extra addiction treatment options we have for drug abuse and mental health some of which including:

  • Group support for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders
  • Self-help for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders
  • Reorganizing and managing overwhelming stress and emotions
  • Stay connected
  • Make healthy lifestyle changes
  • Helping a loved one with a substance abuse problem and a mental health problem

Extra addiction treatment: Group support

Have you heard the principle of “a problem shared is half solved?” This is applicable here, and just like with other addictions, groups are very helpful, not only in maintaining sobriety but also as a safe place to get support and discuss challenges and experiences. Sometimes treatment programs for co-occurring disorders provide groups that continue to meet on an aftercare basis. It is important to note that while it’s good to join a group to addresses both substance abuse and your mental health disorder, the twelve-step groups for substance abuse can also be helpful. These free programs, facilitated by peers, use group support and a set of guiding principles like the twelve steps to obtain and maintain sobriety. Doctor Akoury advice that even as you opt for these groups you must make sure that the group is embracing the idea of co-occurring disorders and psychiatric medication. This is very important for you because at this time all you need is a place where you will feel safe and not where you will feel pressured in any way. Such places are beneficial for all patients and you may want to schedule an appointment with doctor Akoury to help you in locating where AWAREmed health center is for the commencement of your full recovery.

Extra addiction treatment: Self-help for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders

Getting sober is only the beginning. Your continued recovery depends on continuing mental health treatment, learning healthier coping strategies, and making better decisions when dealing with life’s challenges. And this you can achieve by adopting the following:

Recognize and manage stress and emotions

Stress management – Even though stress is inevitable in this generation, it’s very important to have healthy coping skills so that you can deal with stress without turning to alcohol or drugs. Stress management skills go a long way towards preventing relapse and keeping your symptoms at bay.

Identify your triggers and have an action plan – If you’re coping with a mental disorder as well, it’s especially important to know signs that your illness is flaring up. Common causes include stressful events, big life changes, or unhealthy sleeping or eating. At these times, having a plan in place is essential to preventing drug relapse. Who will you talk to? What do you need to do?

Extra addiction treatment: Both for drug abuse and mental health