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Family heroin addiction

Family heroin addiction problem is serious and getting out of hand. Action time is now

Family heroin addiction problem: Making the wrong choices

The things we do out of peer influence can be very costly. The motivation hear is having the sense of belonging. In the world of drug addiction, you will be amazed at what people do to achieve this and in the process, they find themselves into real problems not just in their health and peace of mind but also with the law enforcement agencies. Even though addiction cuts across, it hit hardest at the family unit, which is why family heroin addiction problem is going to be our subject of discussion. To address this, we spoke to doctor Dalal Akoury the MD and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center about heroin addiction in families and it is amazing seeing how simple desires can land us into real threats of addiction.

As a professional in this discipline doctor, Akoury is going to shed some light on how influential heroin can be in your life no matter how you got introduced to it. She says that one morning while in her office a lady walked in and was very depressed. When she gave her time to share her problem she opens up and poured out her heart on the battles she has with heroin addiction. For confidentiality, we will call her Jimssy not her real name. Jimssy is a full-time housewife and mother hardly fits the stereotypical picture of a heroin addict. However for the past two of her adult life, she was obsessed with getting high on heroin a passion she shared with her husband, Jim not his real name who has been battled his own addiction for over two decades now.

Family heroin addiction problem: Peer influence in addiction

Jim had been struggling with heroin addiction for years when his wife joined the league of shooting up heroin. Even though Jimssy was not ignorant of the effects of heroin on her husband, she voluntarily decided to test the water one day following an advice from her friend who informed her that using heroin would significantly relieve the pain of headache and muscular pains she had suffered from epileptic seizures she has been struggling with for more than 15 years now. It is amazing how friends can be very destructive to our well-being. This friend without any consideration of the known consequences approached her friend with the news she knew Jimssy would be interested in, that is the solution to her struggle with pain. Jimmy acknowledges that that was her first time and regret having such a friend in her life. She goes ahead to explain that her main reason for testing the waters even though she knew the struggles her husband, was to get better, the pain was becoming unbearable. What do you think about her decision? You may suggest that under the circumstances she was justified because she was looking for solutions about her pain. Nonetheless, it is still not right, every advice you get from a friend must be confirmed by a medical doctor and that is why doctor Akoury founded this facility where you can get all the professional assistance concerning your health and addiction at any time of the day.

Family heroin addiction problem: Making the wrong choices