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Global painkillers addiction

Global painkillers addiction epidemic is causing more health trouble than we can imagine

Global painkillers addiction epidemic: Opioids pill form energy

The prevalence of addiction in our societies demands that we be on high alert in dealing with all kinds of addiction including tackling the global painkillers addiction epidemic. A well-thought approach from all sectors of health care that includes all primary, secondary and tertiary care methods; clinical care approaches and even financiers like insurers working with providers to reduce barriers to addiction treatment that will secure prescription avenues to prevent over-prescription is very essential. Doctor Dalal Akoury, MD President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is reiterating that when fighting opioid addiction, opioids pill forms energy and addiction, it is important that everybody needs to be involved including the pharmacies. Doing this will fundamentally reduce the risk of addiction for all patients and will directly benefit individuals with a history of or tendency to opioid pills (painkiller) addiction.

Global painkillers addiction epidemic: The most desired form of pain killers

Most of the opiates being abused by addicted patients are in pill form. These are easy to open up, transport, and also provide the brain toxicology-altering high that addicts seek. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are categorical that the easiest ways to fight addiction are to eliminate the reward from the situation entirely. This can be done by compounding oral painkillers into up-to-date creams and gels were possible with this the compounding pharmacies can lower the risk of addiction significantly. The good news about this is that not only do topical compounds deliver more localized pain relief and cause fewer complications due to lower absorption rates, a topical compound does not alter brain state the way oral opioids do when delivering the much needed high by users.

Besides that doctor Akoury registers that pharmacies can also provide alternative options for traditional painkillers which are typically reserved for patients who have allergies to certain medications thereby necessitating the need for compounded alternatives, using a painkiller alternative for Vicodin or Oxycontin that can lower prescriptions for the highly addictive and readily available painkillers. Patients or doctors with patients who are working on overcoming drug addiction can also work with a compounding pharmacy to help with “tapering,” or the act of slowly reducing ingested levels of opioids to safely treat the body’s addiction without abruptly cutting off the supply.

Finally, according to the information available with the public health sector, it is evident that compounding pharmacies contribute a lot to the fight against opioid addiction on both fronts at the macro level by working with researchers and other health care professionals to understand the broader development of these public health issues; and at the micro level by working with patients and physicians to use compounding to reduce the addictive properties of medications. If you are struggling with any kind of addiction we want to let you know that help is on the way and you can be well again in a very short time at affordable rates. Speak to us today and we will attend to you professionally.

Global painkillers addiction epidemic: Addiction prevention and treatment