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Integrative philosophy of health behavior change. Choosing integrative medicine over conventional medicine for the benefit of your health

Integrative philosophy of health behavior change: The use of theories in nursing practice

If you are somebody like me who have lived for more than four decades, you will agree with me that life is fast changing in all dimensions. The way we used to communicate in the sixty’s is different today. Today we have more sophisticated communication gargets and because of that the world has been made a global village. In the same way a lot more changes has also taken place in the medical sector. The kinds of diseases we used to treat then are treated differently today. Some medications have been removed from the shelves and new ones have been introduced to meet the changing dynamics in this sector. One great change that is taking shape is that of the integrative philosophy in healthcare. This is what we are doing to be looking at for a couple of posting we are going to be making in the next few weeks. We want therefore request you to keep on the link and get firsthand information from the home of addiction experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury.

Integrative philosophy of health behavior change: Clinical nurse specialist practice

Just to give a brief background of integrative philosophy of health behavior change, doctor Dalal Akoury a veteran addiction expert who also founded AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is going to help us understand this new treatment dispensation progressively. It is true that over the years an essential characteristic of advanced practice nurses has been the use of theory in practice. Clinical nurse specialists have apply theory in providing or directing patient care, in their work as consultants to staff nurses, and as leaders influencing and facilitating system change.

With the new development in technology and pharmacology, a lot has changed thereby necessitating the need to apply new skills of how to facilitate health behavior change that conforms to the emerging changes. Integrative philosophy come in handy for all healthcare givers to better understand how they can facilitate health behavior change. In this article, the integrated philosophy of health behavior change is described, and an example of its use as foundation to intervention development is presented.

According to doctor Akoury, integrated philosophy of health behavior change, it is possible to modify peoples’ health behavior change by enhancing, promoting knowledge and beliefs that encourages the increase in self-regulation skills and abilities alongside enhancing social facilitation. Engagement in self-management behaviors is seen as the proximal outcome influencing the long-term distal outcome of improved health status. Person-centered interventions are directed to increasing knowledge and beliefs, self-regulation skills and abilities, and social facilitation.

Using a theoretical framework improves clinical nurse specialist practice by focusing assessments, directing the use of best-practice interventions, and improving patient outcomes. This is what we will offer to you at integrative addiction institute when you register with us for this noble and well though new treatment administration. As you consider registering with us, it is important to note that, using theory fosters facilitates or encourages the communication channels with other disciplines. Besides that it also enhances proper management of difficult clinical conditions by providing holistic and comprehensive care.

Integrative philosophy of health behavior change: The use of theories in nursing practice