Intravenous Amino Acid Treatment For Addiction – Effective Recovery From Addiction

The intravenous amino acid treatment for addiction has become quite popular today for its effective recovery from addiction. When conventional drug rehabilitations go for traditional approaches to treat drug addiction, amino acid therapy is a breakthrough in the treatment for neurotransmitter imbalance and brings greater results. Neurotransmitter imbalance has been associated with several health problems including depression, Parkinson disease, memory loss, pension, hyperactivity disorder, weight gain, anxiety and addiction. Neurotransmitters are produced in our body from amino acid precursors and are responsible for building protein. If our body does not have proper levels of amino acid, our body cannot survive, since protein is responsible for the structure of our cells and its proper functioning.


Conventional Treatment for Addiction

The conventional treatment for diseases such as anxiety, depression and addiction, patients are often prescribed a medication such as Effexor, Cymbalta and Pristiq (SNRIs) and Prozac,Celexa and Zoloft(SSRIs) to accelerate neurotransmitter circulating levels. By increasing the neurotransmitter levels in your body, you increase norepinephrine and serotonin which bind to your receptors resulting in changes in your mental state and stabilization of many mental disorders. Unlike intravenous amino acid treatment for addiction, the conventional method for treating addiction and other mental disorders through neurotransmitter circulation increase have caused several deficiencies including association with ADHD. Conventional treatment often involves medication that changes transport of these neurotransmitters inside the brain such as the Strattera and Adderall. Conventional treatments may have been successful for some patients, however, every individual’s body type is different and the way they react to different medications also differs. Hence, altering the way the body uses amino acids through changing transport is the conventional way. Another way is to give additional amino acid precursors to neurotransmitters. Although this supplementation has been a topic of several controversies in the medical community for several years now, in clinical practice, there have been a huge response and effective results to this new method of treatment. Generally, the body receives its healthy amino acids from proper diet and exercise. However, when a person is going to a particular mental disorder like addiction or depression, it may be difficult for the individual to get proper amino acids through diet alone. This is the reason why they need to supplement their amino acid intake in a concentrated form so that they can get proper circulating levels that can help them to recover. By giving extra supplement off amino acids such as glutamine, tryptophan and tyrosine, the human body is getting extra building materials needed to make you to transmit to us like dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine among several others. For this change to happen the body needs vitamins C, SAMe and folate which will be safely given while intravenous amino acid treatment by expert healthcare professionals.

Intravenous Amino Acid Treatment For Addiction:

In circumstances of addiction, particularly to alcohol or drugs, the individual has high imbalances in their neurotransmitter levels which subsequently add to a different other symptoms like insomnia, depression, tension, anxiety and jitterness among several others. This is a result of several mineral and vitamin imbalances, poor absorption of nutrients through diet, causing the body incapable to form healthy neurotransmitters. By giving an additional doze of amino acids along with several other vitamins, minerals and coenzymes, healthcare professionals can reinstate proper levels of neurotransmitter circulation, thus decreasing any withdrawal symptoms.

Intravenous Amino Acid Treatment For Addiction - Effective Recovery From Addiction

Intravenous Amino Acid Treatment For Addiction – Effective Recovery From Addiction

Intravenous Amino Acid Treatment For Addiction Vs Conventional Medication

in most cases, the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction use medications for insomnia, depression and anxiety that is capable of altering the brain’s chemistry and can be effective to a certain extent. However, the medicines in themselves are affecting the body’s natural capability of producing neurotransmitters. By giving an extra dose of intravenous amino acid treatment for addiction, the body is increasing its ability to utilize them and subsequently recover into a balanced natural state rather than suppressing the symptoms to medication. Another reason why the amino acid treatment is more effective than the conventional method is because of its rate of absorption. The amino acid infusion therapy directly goes into your bloodstream and have a better absorption rate compared to conventional medications that are through pills which needs to go toe stomach channels and most of it gets washed away as waste. Also people who have intestine and stomach disorder will never benefit from conventional medicines and the best way to help them with recovery is to use the IV therapy.

Unlike conventional medication that has a standard procedure for treatment, irrespective of the condition or the individual, the intravenous amino acid treatment for addiction is tailored to individual needs. This means, the IV therapy has been customized according to the requirements of the individual’s body and will have exactly what the body needs to recover effectively. This is exactly the reason why amino acid infusion therapy has seemed to be extremely beneficial for people with Parkinson’s disease and severe depression. Narcotics addiction, for example, takes over the body’s complete production of mood related chemicals, and stops the brain from making any off its own. The IV therapy helps to kick start the production of these brain chemicals and help the individual reinstate their natural body function. A known name for IV therapy is Dr. Dalal Akoury, founder of NER addiction recovery and AWAREmed health wellness resource Center and the director of Wellness U program. Dr. Dalal has been in practice for years now and have had several patients to come out of their addiction.

Intravenous Amino Acid Treatment For Addiction – Effective Recovery From Addiction