Intravenous Amino Acid Treats Addiction – Restoring Your Health

Addiction treatments can vary tremendously; there are numerous treatments for specific addictions and this mainly depends on the patient and what he or she is treated for. When it comes to addiction, specialists will work to determine the cause and provide an effective treatment for the patient. Intravenous amino treats addiction; Intravenous Amino Acid Treatment  is a very powerful and highly effective addiction treatment that can be used in a variety of treatment programs. This is also used as an alternative to traditional addiction treatment programs and it has proven to be highly successful.  Amino acids help to repair the brain’s neuroreceptors that were damaged during the addiction; it can be compared to giving the brain certain chemicals that it is used to, but in a natural, healing way.  This also works to reduce the withdrawal symptoms that patients can expect and it significantly improves the abilities of recovering addicts to make healthy decisions. Dr. Dalal Akoury, founder of AWAREmed Health & Wellness Resource Centre, firmly believes that intravenous amino acid treats addiction and is very effective and one of the best ways to treat a variety of addiction patients. This therapy is offered to various patients and works on patients who were addicted to drugs for a long time. Drug abuse damages the brain, specifically the neuroreceptors. This makes individuals even more susceptible to addictive tendencies, which in turn reinforces the addiction process and creates the same processes over and over again. This treatment aims to stop and reverse the damage that was done to these cells, allowing the brain to be healthy and individuals to reduce their tendency to continue with addition forming substances. As a result of this treatment, the body can re-establish its health as well as a healthy balance of neurochemistry. Withdrawal symptoms are also reduced, making it an all-round in-in treatment for all patients. This treatment is being introduced in more countries every year, due to its effectiveness.

Intravenous Amino Acid Treats Addiction and Reduces Withdrawal Symptoms

Intravenous Amino Acid Treats Addiction: Restoring Your Health

Intravenous Amino Acid Treats Addiction: Restoring Your Health

Part of the struggle with recovering addicts is coping with withdrawal symptoms. Not only is this a challenge for recovering addicts, but withdrawal symptoms make it more difficult to keep an addiction under control. Intravenous amino acid treats addiction and is a great way to reduce withdrawal symptoms and to allow recovering addicts to focus on the road ahead. When a patient suffers from withdrawal symptoms, they might not be able to make the right decisions that will influence their recovery. Withdrawal symptoms might entire an individual to start using the substances they did in the first place, to make the symptoms go away. This is one of the dangers that recovering addicts face while taking part in an addiction treatment program for various substance abuse issues. However, with withdrawal symptoms being reduced, they will be able to make logical decisions that will help them to recover faster and lead a healthier life as well. Patients confess that they truly made progress while using this treatment. They say that although the first few days were challenging, their bodies soon got used to the program and started healing. They say that within the first few days, they noticed a change in their behavior and their thinking. This allowed them to have a positive outlook, make informed decisions and take the steps necessary to beat their addiction. They learn to listen to their bodies, and choose healthy habits that allow them to recognize what they want and why they need it. Intravenous amino acid treatment for addiction is ideal for various patients, as this treatment works to get the body back to a healthy, functioning state. Professionals recommend this treatment for patients who experience regular withdrawal symptoms while they try to change their habits.

Intravenous Amino Acid Treats Addiction and Feeds Amino Acids to Your Body

Experts believe that feeding your body with amino acids like glutamine, tyrosine and tryptophan, you will allow your body to use these building blocks to manufacture neurotransmitters like serotonin, norepinephrine, GABA and dopamine, among others. In order for this to happen naturally your body also needs additional nutrients and vitamins like vitamin C, which this treatment is safely administered by a professional via an IV. These nutrients are necessary to help with the uptake and proper conversion of amino acids into other substances that your body needs to restore a healthy balance. Intravenous amino acid treats addiction and is a safe and effective treatment; however, it should always be administered by a licensed professional. You can consult with your doctor about the possibilities and find out if this treatment will be suitable for you. People who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction will likely also have imbalances when it comes to neurotransmitters. This may result in other symptoms like depression, insomnia, anxiety, and even jitters. This might be accompanied by various other symptoms as well as a shortage of certain vitamins and minerals in the body. By supplementing with amino acids, you can help the body to re-establish vitamin, mineral and amino acid balances in the body. This will allow for balance to be restored and a reduction in withdrawal symptoms.  Intravenous amino acid treats addiction and works specifically to restore these balances within the body. There are many other addictions that can also be treated with this specific amino acid treatment, and it’s always advised to speak to your healthcare professional about the options and the benefits that you can have with it.

Intravenous Amino Acid Treats Addiction: Restoring Your Health