Life coaching skills

Life coaching skills and trainings enables everybody to understanding drugs risks factors are real and needs to be addressed professionally

Life coaching skills and trainings: What to expect

Under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD, integrative addiction training institute is a bee hive of tailored workshops and conferences that are very much ideal for your skills upgrading. We are actually offering a life coaching skills during our schedule workshop periodically with an aim of covering one of the developmental models of viewing a person’s life over its entire span. These workshops are tailored and open to all patients including professionals regardless of track records.

Each session builds on the previous one and has the participant look at the myths that society tells us about how a life “should” proceed while offering a more realistic approach that says that periodically we need to stop and assess what is happening. Rather than being unusual, these times of recurring assessment are essential. The workshop will help you be able to pass knowledge to your clients so that they can stand with their NO response to all kinds of unhealthy substances and addiction processes. Participants spend time doing exercises that elicit what brings them deep joy and happiness and gives life meaning. By having the chance to identify the strong motivators toward healthy living early in treatment, participants move in the direction of possibility and hope.

Life coaching skills and trainings: Individual and group life coaching

Besides the group approach, you will also learn on how to have a one on one life coaching approach. This is often ideal as it have a component of identifying a person’s core values, passions, and life purpose as a way of understanding their unique gifts, talents, and strengths, as well as what “lights them up.” Any changes to the person’s circumstances can then take into account what is in alignment with their essential nature and deepest values. It is therefore important to note that individual life educational coaching sessions focus on what is working well and builds on that. The patient comes away with a deeper level of self-knowledge and a broader appreciation of their uniqueness. By determining a life purpose, patients are asked to engage in inquiry about what matters the most, now, in this season of life.

Going farther, questions might come up asking what changes a person would be willing to make to ensure that they get to experience the things they are saying “Yes” to. Patients take the information gleaned to develop an overall picture of who they are and what they want to accomplish, as well as the next steps to get them there. Away from being individual, we also offer skills targeting group life coaching. During these sessions, patients help one another by discussing common issues. Group coaching lets everyone benefit from a large scope of beliefs, life experience, and knowledge. Using structures that help a person see their whole life “in a snapshot,” the group offers its wisdom and feedback to help others achieve more balance.

Life coaching skills and trainings: What to expect