Tolerance dependence

Tolerance dependence and addiction. If these are your concerns, seek immediate treatment now

Tolerance dependence and addiction: Heroin addiction

Could it be that we are suffering because of our failure of adequately understanding tolerance dependence and addiction as the major dangers of heroin and the use of other substances? Speaking to doctor Dalal Akoury MD an addiction expert for many decades, she is registering great concern because of this failure. People throughout the country and across the globe, the percentage of heroin users among many other substances are becoming physically, psychologically or both dependents on this drug are very disturbing. This is quite evident from the available statistics that in most states today, heroin abuse is one of the most common reasons for drug treatment admissions in overwhelmingly most treatment facilities.

This tells you that when you’re abusing a drug, you are simply risking your health and jeopardize your abilities to have a bright and successful future. While appreciating the difficulties in taking that step of quitting an addiction, the good news is that with all the difficulties it is still possible for you to stop and quite all together. This is the objective we have to help you get out of this precarious addiction and dependency on drugs for survival. If you are wondering what to do, we have come with lasting solutions to all your addiction needs. Your first step to health and freedom would be scheduling an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury who is more than willing to address any and all of your concerns in the line of addiction.

Tolerance dependence and addiction: The thin line between drug use and dependence

It is not always very easy for anyone to notice when they are sinking into substance abuse. What normally start with a single harmless puff, smoke, injection, drink or whatever means of administration gradually develop into habits and before you realize you are being counted as one of the addicts to that substance. Because understanding tolerance dependence and addiction barriers may not be very easy, doctor Akoury is highlighting certain facts that can help you make certain resolutions towards the determination of your actual position in drug use. Like for instance when you’re dependent on a drug, your body and mind rely on that substance to function. Therefore how do you then know when your addiction has crossed the line into heroin dependence? The following can offer good guidance.

Tolerance – You need more of the drug to get the kind of high you want.

Physical withdrawal – You start to experience heroin withdrawal symptoms nausea, vomiting and sweating, shaking, chills when you can’t use the drug.

Psychological withdrawal – when you feel anxious, unfocused or depressed when you can’t use heroin.

Failure to quit – Even if you’re aware of the way heroin is harming your body, mind, relationships and work life, you can’t quit, in spite of repeated attempts to get clean. These should be good indicators that you are getting into deep problems and the sooner you take action the better for your health and you whole family.

Tolerance dependence and addiction: Heroin addiction