Understanding addiction myths

Understanding addiction myths will help you take timely remedial action to free yourself from the sting of drug addiction

Understanding addiction myths: Steps of addiction recovery

Over the year’s people have fallen prey to addiction myths especially those relating to the healing process. This has derailed treatment and for this war of drug addiction to be warned, we must be well informed of the true picture of addiction healing process. Therefore, for a better understanding, we spoke to doctor Dalal Akoury, MD and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center and she reiterates that understanding addiction myths about quitting including knowledge of the treatment process are very important. This is what we want to discuss so that when you get started, you are informed of the procedures and any myths that may come your way to distract you from staying focus to your treatment objectives. There are so many myths but for the purpose of this article we will look at recovery pit stop and being a passenger during treatment.

Recovery pit stop

Many addicts assume that a quick detox in a treatment facility is all they need to be free from addiction. While detoxing and going through withdrawals is a vital step in addiction recovery, it is just the beginning. To heal effectively, the patient must consider the recovery process as a journey leading to a new way of life and not some quick “pit stop” in order to get back to normal.

Understanding addiction myths: Being a passenger during treatment

Recovering from addiction is not like other conditions where the patient is like a passenger in a vehicle driven by doctors. Here, you are the primary player in your recovery. It’s ultimately up to you to drive your recovery. And with the help of family and your addiction experts, you will get the best out of your recovery process. Because of the many myths, when you visit us at AWAREmed, we will ensure that you work with our team of experts to guard, protect, coach and cheer you on during the process. Take note that this will not absolve you from being the primary driver of your goals.

Understanding addiction myths: Drug addiction recovery process

Dealing with an addiction problem is unique and needs a lot of care and professionalism. We are very passionate about your long-term sobriety and the full healing of your mind, body, and soul. And that is why professionally we offer help along every step of the journey procedurally in the following order.

Assessment – on arrival at the facility, we will take you through a thorough assessment by a team of doctors, counselors, therapists and support staff. This is essential as it enables us to begin building on your individualized treatment plan.

Detoxification – In order or start the rehabilitation process detoxification is necessary to rid the body of any harmful drugs. For some, the detox process can be dangerous and thus should be carried out by a trusted and credentialed treatment facility under doctor’s guidance.

Rehabilitation – Removal of drugs from your system is just the beginning of the healing process. Rehabilitation involves getting to the core issues that fuel your addiction through therapy.

Aftercare – The sole purpose of aftercare is ensuring the transformation that happened during the rehabilitation process endures. Aftercare involves taking steps to ensure that the skills learned during rehabilitation become a part of everyday life. Now that you know what we will do, speak to us and let us help you become drug-free once again.

Understanding addiction myths: Steps of addiction recovery