Brain defenselessness

Brain defenselessness to heroin infections can be corrected professionally

Brain defenselessness to heroin infections: How heroin attacks the brain

The body functions of any human being are driven and coordinated by the brain. A healthy brain will make the body function well. But a sick brain will cause sicknesses to the brain. Drugs are seen as one of the major poisons to the brain. And among the drugs, heroin can be very destructive. To that effect, we want to focus on the brain defenselessness to heroin infection. To help us understand this, we spoke to the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD who is a veteran addiction expert for her professional insight. When the heroin users take their first dose, this triggers the roller coaster in motion setting them up for long-term addiction to heroin. The initial rush of euphoria is then produced by a flood of powerful opiates sent to the brain which eventually becomes the new bar for feeling good. Over time, the brain comes to demand the same level of extra opiates in order to pass that communication to the body. Without the extra boost of opiates, the brain shifts into panic mode and alerts the body for more opiates to be supplied to feel normal.

Brain defenselessness to heroin infections: Heroin addiction alterations to the brain

The brain being one of the pillar organs of good health if left exposed to heroin abuse, the consequence is that it will cause figurative changes to the brain. This is one of the most profound effects heroin has on the brain because it is essentially permanent if the heroin addict has abused the drug for several years. Doctor Akoury further explains that a normal person has a certain level of dopamine produced on a regular basis that is trickled out to their brain so that they can simply feel normal as they go about their business. For example, after and during vigorous exercise, the body is slowly releasing small bits of this natural dopamine to the brain, so that the person can feel better in spite of their hard work which is also a basic, biological survival mechanism.

Brain defenselessness to heroin infections: Dangers of heroin to the brain

Nonetheless, when an addict starts using heroin every single day, such person’s brain is basically saying that “hey just a minute here, and then the body communicates that it is being constantly flooded with extra opiates and dopamine, so there is no need for it to produce any more naturally by itself as it should normally. I am getting all that I need and more.” Over time, if the heroin addict continues doing heroin for years, they are simply training their own body to stop all natural dopamine production. Because heroin addiction is so dangerous and has so many risks involved with long term use, most heroin addicts never make it to this end stage where their body has ceased making natural dopamine. In such cases, drug maintenance therapy with a synthetic opiate is recommended. Finally, this phenomenon should demonstrate the power heroin use can have which is why to need to seek help from the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center.

Brain defenselessness to heroin infections: How heroin attacks the brain