Why medical detox is necessary to addicts
Detoxification process before treatment

Detoxification process before treatment with the professionals

Detoxification process before treatment: Drug addiction recovery plan

One will always be considered to be addicted to alcohol or other substances if the individual has an accumulation of toxic elements in their body systems. And for the body to regain its optimum capacities in discharging the various functions of the body such toxic must be removed. The detoxification process is essential just before the commencement of treatment. We now want to focus on detoxification and to understand its importance before the administration of any addiction treatment. When one is addicted to drugs or alcohol or both, the body develops a physical dependence on the substance which then results in chemical changes that occur within the brain. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) and founder of the same facility reports that, due to these physical and chemical changes that occur as a result of substance abuse, any attempts to terminate consumption by sudden or progressive quitting either through the cold turkey way or otherwise in many instances do often fails and the consequences of such failures can tantamount to significant health risks for the addict and to their loved ones.

Therefore in order to eliminate or minimize the physical and psychological symptoms that can occur during the withdrawal process in a safe manner, doctor Akoury recommends that it is very important that medical detox is considered as an essential cornerstone of the recovery game plan. Professionally this service is available at the home of addiction solutions (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) and upon scheduling an appointment with the experts at this facility, you will have your case evaluated professionally and the most appropriate treatment administered to you for the most desired result.

Detoxification process before treatment: How medical detox came to the front?

History has it that the importance of detox in regards to the recovery process from addiction came to the forefront and was first administered in the 1970’s with the emergence of the medical model. Previously and before this time (the 1970’s), the patterns and behaviors associated with addiction were commonly dealt with as a criminal offense and people who were struggling with such kinds of addiction were considered to be of weak character a factor that was very discriminative and unfair to both the patient and their loved ones. During that time the practice was that individual addicts were often arrested and held in places like “drunk tanks” and other similar holding places of confinement where they were taken through the withdrawals without any form of medical supervision.

Nonetheless, and progressively as reality and sense sunk to the society of what addiction really is, the voice of reason begun to take shape and the societies on a voluntary basis begun embracing and adopting more humane and constructive ways in dealing with individuals who were struggling with all manner of substance abuse issues. And it is at this point that the methods of detoxification started to evolve and therefore we can now begin to discuss authoritatively the purpose of detox and its importance before any addiction treatment. With that background we want now to invite you in our next article for this informative discussion, in the meantime, you can schedule an appointment with experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the leadership of doctor Akoury for all the concerns you may have.

Detoxification process before treatment: Drug addiction recovery plan