Just how much has digital revolution impacted on sexuality?

The world has come a long way regarding the way information is accessed, received or even passed on. This is concerning the time it takes and the efficiency with which one takes to get or pass on a piece of information. Thanks to the digital revolution, information access, retrieval, and dissemination have become quite efficient. On the pre-digital era, it would take considerable effort for one to get a piece of information and yet still, to pass on that same information to the intended recipient. However, with the great revolution that has taken place in the recent years, information access is now a click away.

Digital revolution has seen the emergence of computer technology as the main form of searching for, accessing, retrieving and sending of information from one point to another. The Internet has emerged and with it the social media; WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter among others. It is, therefore, a common knowledge that this development in information availability has some profound effect. The article now talks of digital revolution and sexuality.

Digital revolution and sexuality

Sexuality has, since the ancient times, been treated as sacred. It is sexual feeling or behavior that surfaces when two people are intimate, a state that is now under threat. Thanks to the digital revolution, the sacred value of sexuality is quickly becoming extinct. The emergence of so many digital gadgets and platforms has made in practically impossible for sexuality to be between just two people.

Sexual morality in public and private has been greatly jeopardized through the digital revolution era. The internet is full of sexual contents ranging from nude photos of celebrities and even unknown individuals who post them there for attention from the public. Apart from the nude photo, the internet, and many social media platforms are full of sex tapes and pornographic videos. Exposure to this kind of information has led to great moral decadence. Prostitution has become the in thing as people now tend to pay for sex and others willing to get paid for sex. These are just ideas people who were previously morally upright have got from the digital world.

The digital era has also brought about bad habits like child sex abuse. Teenagers get exposed to sexuality at a very early stage in their development due to the technological advancement, or digital revolution. From the erotic videos they get exposed from the Internet and other networks with explicit sexual contents, teenagers develop the inappropriate urge to explore and experiment on their sexuality. They, therefore, end up having sex at a very early age.

Revolution in the digital world has also brought vices like sexual harassment and violence in sexual practices. People watch those commercial erotic videos and porn posted on the internet, and because of the violent nature of some, they want to put into practice the same. This also leads to addiction in sex as one would get aroused every time they think of porn or watch.

Sexual satisfaction with their partners is also affected by this digital revolution. When someone is addicted to watching porn and the sexual videos available over the internet, they ran the risk of experiencing some dissatisfaction when they have sex with their partners. This is because they will want to put into practice what they watch and because their partners do not have the same experience will not meet their expectation. Apart from that, they may also feel dissatisfied with their bodies. Sexual dissatisfaction with one partner will drive the porn addict to find other partners ending up practicing dangerous sexual practices. Having multiple sexual partners may lead to sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Digital revolution and sexuality

The sexual dissatisfaction caused as a result of too much exposure to the internet pornography, and the unmatched expectations may also lead to practices such as masturbation. This come as a result of the desire for sex that is developed by the individual but is unable to have sex for so reason such as lack of presence of a partner or poor socializing habits that are also developed due to over indulgence on porn watching.

In cases where one is over indulged or addicted to porn viewing, such medical conditions as erectile dysfunction do arise. Victims of porn watching may suffer from the above in that it becomes so hard for them to achieve a normal erection without depending on those videos. It, therefore, make personal relationships for them hard to keep, for whereas one partner will normally function, the other would need some stimulation.

Just how much has digital revolution impacted on sexuality?