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Educating drug users

Educating drug users effectively on the modalities of keeping their brain healthy by quitting drug use

Educating drug users effectively: Alcohol and drug addicts

Being quite while drugs and alcohol are ruining our societies is not an option. We all have a duty of educating drug users to ensure that drug use is brought to manageable levels. Good health is the most valuable gift we can ever have and we can’t afford losing it to drugs and misuse of alcohol. Therefore, the duty of impacting addiction knowledge to both users and nonusers must be prioritized. That’s why doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is advocating all people to be more empowered in addition literacy at the Integrative Advanced Medicine Institute (IAM Institute) where healthcare givers are trained to equip them wholesomely for the liberation of our societies from this scourge.

We appreciate that addiction being what it is, taking that bold decision may not be very easy for many people since addiction is something many would not want to associate with. But the most important thing is that we lend a helping hand to drug addicts and all alcoholics. Doctor Dalal Akoury MD and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are acknowledging that one common trait of many drug addicts and alcoholics are problems interacting with others in social situations. This is known as a lack of social skills. Sometimes this difficulty is what leads an individual to addiction in the first place. If this describes you, we want to invite you to enroll with IAM Institute for your enrichment and empowerment to make a difference. We’re aware that some people have been addicted to substances for such a long time that it has affected their social development. Therefore if anyone is lacking social skills, then that calls for social skills training.

When opting for social skills training for an alcoholic or drug addict then these are some of the things that you must be ready to take the following into consideration: you must be ready to learn how to interact with friends, family members and even colleagues at work. You must also know how to interact in social situations especially when drugs and alcohol will be served or present and finally you must take a firm stand in declining any offer to use drug and alcohol, in other words, you must be well armed with the refusal skills. That is to say when you say NO it must remain that way irrespective of the prevailing circumstances. Such training is offered at IAM Institute with doctor Akoury and her team of experts. Remember that social skills training is closely associated with behavior therapy to remove unwanted behaviors and replace them with desirable behaviors. It must be noted that for the desired result, social skills training may not be very effective on its own but when combined with other cognitive behavioral therapy treatments, its effectiveness can be realized.

Educating drug users effectively: Interpersonal relationships and substance abuse

Social skills training can teach drug and alcohol addicts how to relate with coworkers, friends, and family in a variety of social settings. Clients will learn such skills as Listening as well as talking; that is, two-way communication, empathy, understanding unspoken clues such as body language and assertiveness, and how not to be taken advantage of. These are essential and are only possible when users are well equipped with all the addiction knowledge they need to have.

Educating drug users effectively: Alcohol and drug addicts