Natural Addiction Recovery – The Right Way To Kick Out Addiction

When you are struggling with drug addiction, becoming sober again can seem like an impossible goal. But addiction recovery is never out of reach, no matter how helpless the situation looks like. Change is definitely possible with the right support and treatment, and by solving the root problem of the addiction. In the last 10 years the number of people that are addicted to alcohol, illicit drugs, gambling, smoking, food and more want to go for a natural recovery for addiction process over traditional methods. Natural addiction recovery started in 1936 and was introduced as a 12 step program by Alcoholics Anonymous. Since then, more than 200 organizations now offer this treatment for numerous addictions, based on the principles of the original program. This program is the most effective, safest and completely natural approach towards bringing a person back to life and helping him stay away from alcohol and drug dependency. Predictably, there are numerous benefits associated with this treatment, but the one that most people find attractive is the long-lasting results of addiction-free state regardless of the severity of addiction.


What is natural addiction recovery?

Before we get into the benefits of the program, it’s important to understand the core concept of this program. For beginners, this treatment addresses a person’s core reason for depending on drugs. In other words, the treatment works on the individual’s spiritual and psychological reasons for dependency, including physical aspects. Separate studies and research have proved that when an individual’s mind body and spirit is not in complete balance, recovery can be quite challenging. In fact, without these three factors being addressed, recovery is only temporary. Due to this, unfortunately, a person becomes addicted to drugs again and from then on recovery becomes even more difficult. To conclude, natural addiction recovery is a specifically designed program that has the capability of bringing a person’s overall well-being into balance and makes it possible to overcome any kind of addiction permanently, within a short span of time. This is exactly the reason why this treatment has become incredibly famous and more and more addiction centers are offering this type of treatment program. However, the treatment offered at AWAREmed health wellness resource Center is developed by Dr. Dalal Akoury has been particularly popular for its incredible benefits and effectiveness compared to other treatment centers. Dr. Dalal had developed this program recognizing the core reason for addiction in individuals and has brought out a solution that allows people to achieve recovery in the comfort, convenience and privacy of their homes. That’s right, the program allows an individual to recognized their addiction problem, come back to complete balance and maintain this healthy lifestyle forever. This treatment program has not only been beneficial for adults but is a completely safe and effective program for adolescents as well. Of course, there are certain alterations for younger people in the program to provide extra support during and after the treatment.

What Are The Psychological Benefits Of This Treatment?

As mentioned earlier, there are incredible benefits that come with natural addiction recovery. With this treatment, a person comes to recognize the core problem of his addiction and why does it exist. The biggest benefit of taking this treatment from AWAREmed is that the patient does not have to be exposed to the public eye, but can go through the treatment program at the privacy of his house. Since every procedure of the treatment can be completed at home, any potential guilt, embarrassment or fear can be eliminated. Obviously, this is one of the biggest benefit of this program and can be quite advantageous for people with high-profile including doctors, lawyers, politicians, executives and others. The treatment allows a person to have the capability to overcome dependency in private, making it easier to focus on the program. Predictably, this result is quicker success and more achievable goals. Another great advantage of this particular treatment is that it works so fast that it gives people a great optimism and encouragement to complete their entire program and achieve long-lasting health benefits in the future.

Physical Benefits Of The Treatment:

When NER is compared with every other program out there for addiction, it has several advantages. One of the biggest benefit of going through this treatment is that it gives an overall balance and restoration of an individual’s body functioning. When a person is addicted to drugs, his brain, nervous system, digestive system and functioning of the body gets affected. Natural addiction recovery focuses on bringing back the body into its natural condition and functioning. Heavy drug and alcohol consumption makes the body become severely ill and weak. The treatment makes an effort to bring the body back into its normal functioning by using the right combination of supplements along with education, stress recovery therapy and various other techniques that help the person to deal with this problem.

Natural Addiction Recovery – The Right Way To Kick Out Addiction

Natural Addiction Recovery – The Right Way To Kick Out Addiction

The two main factors in the success of this treatment is the right support with the right natural supplements. When both these factors are combined together, it brings the right balance and helps a person to reduce withdrawal symptoms and sustain permanent recovery. The combination of supplements that are given to an individual during the treatment phase increases his bioavailability and absorption of nutrients and amino acids. Millions of people have witnessed the wonder of this treatment and will testify to the same.

Natural Addiction Recovery – The Right Way To Kick Out Addiction