drug abuse

Nowadays almost every drug is abused. And this includes prescription drugs such as anti-anxiety medicines, stimulants and painkiller and much more. Taking prescription drugs in large amounts may lead to several effects similar to what drug abusers often experience from other illegal drugs. Unfortunately, being legal doesn’t mean they are safe to take in large amounts. The main reasons, doctors are too strict on the dosage, is the fact that taking more or less than what is recommended might either lead to serious health problems or fail to work as specified.

According to 2011 data by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of people who died as a result of prescription drug abuse surpassed the number of those who died as a result of heroin, cocaine and all other illegal drugs in the same year. This means that prescription drug abuse is popular than any other illegal drug abuse.

Each and every year, over 500, 000 visits and 15,000 deaths occur annually as a result of opioid dependence. Such drugs have led to many accidental deaths that include traffic accidents. Among the most common addictive prescription drugs include oxycodone, oxymorphone as well as hydrocodone.

Treatment of Chronic Pain Using Addictive Prescription Drugs

As a result of the findings that opioids had some addictive effects and would if taken in large amounts lead to serious illnesses, health experts decided that it would be better used to treat terminally ill cancer patients. Nowadays, doctors see it as one of the best options for treating pain. They are often used on patients who are recovering from surgery to prevent the pain that they have to go through during the process.

drug abuse

Sadly, continuous use of the drug even without bad intention will lead to addiction. The other bad news is that it is common among all ages putting it on the top list of the most abused prescription drugs. Studies even show that it is the veterans that make a larger percentage.

How legal is it?

One of the thing that makes abuse of prescription drugs quite complex is the fact that it is hard to distinguish between the time when it is right to use them and when not to. Most of the times, you’ll find them in a possession of any person who was previously sick and had to use the drug. Unfortunately, most of them don’t intent to use the drugs alone. They will give the drug to any other family member whenever they feel it is right to give them.

Prescription Drug Abuse versus the Government

Misuse of prescription drugs has become a threat to public health. As a result, the government has chosen to chase after those responsible for their supply as well as those who go out and buy them in hiding.

The point is, prescription drug abuse has become a big problem, not only because people use them in hiding but also because they are partly legal. It is harder to realize the intent of the person buying the drug especially if he or she had medical issues in the past. The only way to reduce the deaths that occur as a result of prescription drug abuse is to be an example, and this starts with you.


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