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Sugar addiction is becoming one of the major causes of health complications and the sooner sugar addiction exposed for treatment the better.

I am yet to meet that person who says that sugar is bitter and tasteless. Are like me? I am persuaded that you are and probably you are into sugar in all the meals you take. Your favorite drink is probably soda, beer and energy drinks. And when you feel like eating something quick you probably go for the processed food readily available in all our stores. You are no different from everyone in fact you are practicing what you were brought up seeing you’re your seniors do and you don’t bear any blame and believe you me, I am not going to blame you either. However I want you to stay with us on this link to discover for your-self the new revelations about your sweet sweetener in all meals. I am addressing the topic before us sugar addiction exposed as deadly partner in obesity epidemic. Many have associated being obese with consumption of a lot of fats but wait a minute, that may have some truth in it but have you ever looked at the other side of the discussion? Experts from AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President and also the founder of the same are sharing with us what may have escaped our minds.

Various studies have sugar exposed addiction  thereby likens it to other controlled substances like cocaine and heroin which are seen as deadly, addictive and toxic. These are facts we cannot pretend don’t exist because they do. Therefore doctor Akoury advices that as a matter of agency, we need to start weaning ourselves off this practice. We must begin to use sugar not as a main stream diet but as a treat if we want to make any meaningful change in our health. A time has come when we must choose to go for health and drop the lucrative commercials the food industry is making us to believe. This industry is succeeding in making sugar as a staple diet and it is regrettable that we are dancing to their tune by buying their product at the expense of our health. This is what we want to correct across the globe by posting health contents to enlighten our communities into making the right decisions.

Without missing my words, the bitter truth about sugar is that it is addictive just like any other substance and has life threatening consequences that is why it is important that sugar addiction exposed programs should be encouraged so that every body is aware of the bitterness in sugar. In her over two decades of transforming people’s live across the globe, doctor Akoury is registering that the effects of sugar in the nervous system, metabolism and numerous diseases is largely contributed by the consumption of Coca-Cola and Pepsi mainly by the young generation and that explains why we have a society of heavy people today. How then do we remedy the situation, writing these health content is just one avenue experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are administering and a long side that we have annual Integrative Addiction Conference Workshops that adopt partnership and dialog among integrative medical experts in nurturing, empowering, motivating, cozy atmosphere. This year we are having our second conference schedule in June and the conference venue is in Austin Texas 6505 Interstate Highway-35 North Austin, TX 78752. For further enquiries you can get us on telephone number
512-454-3737 Fax: 512-419-0102. Remember that the full-day workshops will offer information personalized for your interest and are designed to ease you towards transformational growth. Therefore get in touch and be part of the solution.

Sugar addiction exposed as deadly partner in obesity epidemic: Insulin blamed on obesity

The greatest concern we have with sugar addiction being exposed is primarily narrowed down to the consumption of foodstuffs that are known to increasing the levels of insulin says doctor Akoury. This is because too much insulin in the body is very catastrophic. As a matter of fact about 75% of all the weight related problems are traced to insulin. This is the hormone which allows energy to be stored in the fat cells and sugar energy is the most disturbing of all categories. However even as we blame insulin, there are three other categories including: Tran’s fats, alcohol and dietary amino acids. To understand this better, we must appreciate that cheap sugar is endangering lives. The most painful thing about it is that this cheap sugar has been introduced into your diet, our kids have access to it and we consume them in all sorts of foods processed foods we use daily in our lifetime. When high-fat foods were blamed for making us overweight, manufacturers tumbled over each other to produce low-fat products. But to make them palatable, they added sugar, causing much greater problems. In their effort to stay in business they keep trying to cover the truth with other ingredients while the physical truth is that their products are still rich in sugar.

Sugar addiction exposed as deadly partner in obesity epidemic: Cutting on calories

Somebody once said to the total surprise of many that the sweetness of sugar cannot be compared with the pain of diabetes. People did not understand him and we are trying to make you understand his point by discussing this topic “sugar addiction exposed as deadly partner in obesity epidemic” in very simple terms that you can understand. Available statistics indicates that the dietary effects on the body may be very difficult to collect. This is so because people are not honest when disclosing the kinds of food they feed on. And trying the randomized option of collecting data for analysis, this in essence is impossible because everyone normally reverts back to their normal eating habits just after a few months. Therefore if you want to be safe you may want to work on cutting on calories not just by choosing food of low calories but also engaging in other physical activities like exercise.

Finally having known that sugar consumption is not going to be eradicated any time soon, we all have a duty to perform in keeping healthy. Experts say that when sugar addiction exposed program campaign are being advocated for the whole idea is to keep healthy. nonetheless being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that we totally eradicate sugar from the diet; it is all about moderate consumption and that is to say getting it down to levels that are not toxic. This we believe you can do however because this is a sweet product and addictive for that matter, if in any case you’re struggling with sugar and you need help, you can schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for a more personal discussion on how best you can reduce your level of sugar consumption for a healthy life thereafter.