Underage alcoholism

Underage Alcoholism prevalence complications is a great poison to our societies

Underage Alcoholism prevalence complications: Alcohol away from children

Life is teaching our children very many things some of which is beyond our control. Parents are faced with very difficult situations when it comes to good parenting more so with the underage alcoholism prevalence. Today available statistics indicate that alcohol consumption is the most preferred substance of marry making. Our children in their characteristic of learning through observation are quickly following into their mentors footsteps. They are getting into alcohol innocently because daddy or mummy is doing it. In their wisdom daddy and mummy activities are always right and so them drinking is right. As parents if we are drinking disorderly, will we have any moral strength of advising our kids not to? May be after reading this article you will have a change of mind.

Alcohol is a killer and especially to the children. Doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is sounding a warning that underage drinking has much serious health and safety risks because of several reasons including:

  • Loss of life and injuries which could easily be avoided
  • Teenagers are faced with many challenges relating decision making. With alcohol wrong decision like unprotected sex and driving intoxication are possible.
  • School/Collage going teenagers face the risk of sexual assault and other physical brutality.
  • Being on the wrong side with the law. The school and even local authorities.
  • Growth and development interference especially the brain development.
  • Prolonged consequences of alcohol even in the future as adults.

Underage alcoholism prevalence solutions

According to doctor Dalal Akoury, the solutions to underage alcoholism prevalence lies in prevention. The statement prevention is better than cure is a common one yet never practiced. Nonetheless, we understand the addictive nature of alcohol and so when prevention has failed, we still have hopes for you. Doctor Dalal Akoury and her team of experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are addiction solutions oriented. Doctor Akoury established this facility to help you and your loved ones get better and move on with your lives. All you need to do is to put off the fabric of denial and schedule for an appointment with her today and she will be able to address your problem in confidence and professionally.

Underage alcoholism prevalence complications: The peer Influence

This is one of the biggest problem any parent or society will have when it comes to eliminating underage alcoholism prevalence. Many children want to be accepted by their mates. In the event that those mates are into alcohol, your son/daughter who is not drinking is bound to drink to fit in. As a parent you can surely do something to help your kids off the hook. The most and strongest point here is being a good role model to your kids. You then open health communication both horizontal and vertical between you and your kids. Open communication with your children about alcohol is very important says doctor Akoury. She adds that besides all these, you also need to be very much involved in the life of your children. What you are not able to do or handle in relation to the underage alcoholism prevalence we will do for you. The problem of addiction is a serious health condition with dire consequences. We want to help because that is what we do best. Speak to us to day on telephone number 843 213 1480 and you and your child will be happy again energetic and vibrant to face tomorrow with confidence.