Women alcohol addiction

Women alcohol addiction and social stigma eradication

Women alcohol addiction and social stigma: The consequences of alcohol abuse

For a very long time alcohol consumption has been associated with men and women alcohol addiction was automatically unheard of. Any woman indulging in drinking could then suffer serious social discrimination with a lot of stigmatization. That was then but currently things are changing with the trend indicating that many employed women are now so much into alcohol drinking. Even though things are changing now, this is only common in the developed nations with US leading. Stigma can be very demeaning and causes loss of self-esteem. This can be avoided if all factors leading to alcoholism are addressed appropriately and in good time. If therefore you are drinking, stigma or no stigma, alcohol consumption is a health hazard and the sooner a remedial action is taken the better. You can always consult with doctor Dalal Akoury who is a veteran addiction expert of several decades and she will be able to effectively and professionally help you go through your recovery program.

Women alcohol addiction and social stigma: The fading social stigma escalating addiction

Because of the women alcohol addiction and how it was being stigmatized in the past, women were not so much into drinking. During this period a lot of drug and alcohol abuse related complications were not so common with women. Men were the biggest casualties but this is now changing. Because of fading stigma young women are now binge drinking hence the increase of health complications that come with alcohol abuse. This has further been established by the research findings according to the data from a survey of some 18000 college students across US. From this study it was established that one in every three female students are seriously into binge drinking. In other words they are consuming four or more drinks in a row and in very quick succession. These are not very good statistics especially considering the serious prevalence of alcohol addiction in our societies today. And back to the study, it was also established that between the years 1993-2001, the rate of binge drinking female students were more than doubled. From the study it was further frustrating that even though male students were more dependent on alcohol, it was surprising that more than half of the women students were actually abusing alcohol.

Finally doctor Akoury registers that these trends are very disturbing, given that binge drinking not only carries health risks for both men and women but also increases the chance of unwanted and unplanned sexual activity. Because of this women risk becoming pregnant and both men and women risk contracting a sexually transmitted disease. All these can be avoided if we chose to have sobriety and not come close to the bottle. How can you do that? Take a moment and talk to doctor Dalal Akoury today and you will be free from alcoholism in a record time.

Women alcohol addiction and social stigma: The consequences of alcohol abuse