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Discouraging sugar consumption

Discouraging sugar consumption by taking other natural fruits that does cause any damage to health

Discouraging sugar consumption: Putting sugar addiction to check naturally

People like sweet things and sugar being what it is, many just loved it. We are not saying that sugar is bad, but when we get addicted to it, there will be some consequences. Therefore, even as we use it, this must be done proportionately. Any act of discouraging sugar consumption in excess is a worthy one. When we begin craving for sugar, its sweetness is altered to addiction bringing with it other chronic health conditions in human life. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under doctor Dalal Akoury’s care recommends that when one begins to get into this stage of usage, such a person should seek for help from medical experts. Any hesitation in taking action can be very costly as we will be discussing progressively with the help of doctor Akoury as follows:

Discouraging sugar consumption: Diet tips for fighting sugar cravings

Consumption of refined sugar is the common practice across the globe creating great concerns to experts. Take for example in the US it’s estimated that an average American citizen is consuming up to 160 pounds of refined sugar yearly. This high is not happening in America only but also in most of the western countries. Studies have positioned western world to be leading in the prevalence number of health conditions associated with sugar consumption. Some of those health conditions include diabetes, certain types of cancer, obesity and overweight, and tooth decay. Besides that, it is also very important to note that the consumption of too much sugar can also have an impact on individual’s mood causing them to feel tired, irritable, anxious and aggressive.

These complications can cause serious discomforts if treatment is not sought for in good time. With these conditions, one would wish to take action immediately. Nonetheless, it is always very difficult to cut back on sugar because many have a natural tendency to like sweet things a nature’s trick to save us from poisonous plants which usually have a bitter taste. A sweet tooth was valuable to the survival of our ancestors also because sugary foods provide a quick source of energy. The problem these days is that we eat far more sugar than our ancestors ever did. Also the type of sugar we tend to consume makes us more vulnerable to health problems: rather than indulging in healthy sweet treats like berries or fruit we often opt for unhealthy snacks containing concentrated amounts of white table sugar. This highly refined sugar has little nutritional value; yet it is high in calories. With that said and done let us now get to the natural means of discouraging sugar consumptions or cravings, and remember that the presentations we are going to give only represent diet related tips to help you fight off sugar cravings but are not in any way substitute the professional medical or nutritional advice by the professionals. In that connection, you can seek for more information by scheduling an appointment with doctor Akoury for professional input.

Discouraging sugar consumption: Putting sugar addiction to check naturally