Holistic cancer treatment

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Holistic cancer treatment strategies: Raising hope for cancer patients

Because of the devastating nature of cancer disease, to reduce the pain, holistic cancer treatment is very necessary. This will need a lot of professionalism to be achieved. Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center are very categorical that cancer can be avoided if certain things are done right. The prevention element would be the best because it would save us from all the complications that come with the diagnosis of cancer. In this article, we are not going to dwell much on the prevention aspect but to look at the holistic cancer treatment strategies in this order.

Cancer is an immune deficiency condition

First cancer impairs immunity. It is therefore important that we stimulate and support the immune system by taking the following precautions:

  • Chronic infections like Lyme diseases and yeast needs to be detected and removed.
  • Enhance immune defense to cancer
  • Patients’ needs to know their immune status through carrying out laboratory tests
  • Tissue inflammation needs to be decreased to promote healing

Cancer developed over time under the stress of accumulated toxins

To correct this, the body needs to be adequately detoxified.

  • A comprehensive whole body detoxification program in order for other therapies to work effectively
  • Detecting and eliminating food and environmental allergies
  • Detoxification is essential for cancer prevention and treatment
  • Laboratory testing to evaluate heavy metal or environmental toxicity
  • Restoring natural flora to the bowel

Holistic cancer treatment strategies: Malnutrition condition

Correct nutritional imbalances by:

  • Optimal nutrition foods, oral and I.V. supplementation to correct imbalances
  • Laboratory evaluation to determine any nutritional imbalance
  • A comprehensive cancer diet program

It must be appreciated that cancer is a whole body disease involving the body, mind and spirit. That therefore means that incorporating mind and body medication is very necessary. Like for instance:

  • Detect emotional trauma or stress trigger for cancer
  • Relieve stress burden through individual and family support, meditation
  • Use biological, psycho-emotional support to regain harmony of mind/body/spirit

Holistic cancer treatment strategies: Cancer and sugar

Targeted Low Dose/Insulin Potentiation Therapy (TLD/IPT) is a non-conventional protocol for the treatment of cancer based upon the hypothesis that insulin may be used to potentiate the effectiveness of commonly used anti-cancer drugs. Because cancer cells have many more insulin receptors than healthy cells, when exposed to insulin the cancer cells open these receptors and become more susceptible to low doses of chemotherapeutic agents. The chemotherapeutic agents are then given in much lower doses than in conventional therapies because of this insulin effect. TLD/IPT also delivers chemotherapeutic drugs more frequently, also thought to allow a therapeutic impact while imparting fewer side effects and allowing patients a higher quality of life.

Finally cancer has tendency of taking over the bodily systems and progresses in an acidic microenvironment, which partially contributes to pain. This can be corrected by modifying your diet to reduce the acidity in the body, drinking a lot of water, taking foods loaded with good fats, vegetables, lean meat, fish and whole foods. Remember that good nutrition will also help cancer patients through the negative side effects of chemotherapy and radiation

Holistic cancer treatment strategies: Raising hope for cancer patients