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Overweight Nurses advice

Overweight Nurses advice to patients may not be very productive as it is psychologically for the patients being attended to

Overweight Nurses advice to patients: How effective would they be to overweight patients?

Medically it is not a health idea to be obese or overweight. And because of the health complications attached to being overweight, many people are ripping billions of dollars in terms of profits for unsuspecting clients who will do anything just to lose some pounds. While very many people seeking help over their obese situation will go to the gym and take lessons from gym instructors, another set will seek for the same in health institutions. Therefore if you went to a given health institution for purposes of losing weight and your nurse is much more weightier that you are, will you still have the confidence to continue with the program? This is the topic we want to address in this article even as we zero into overweight nurses advice to patients.

To effectively address this, we spoke to the founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center doctor Dalal Akoury MD, over this very interesting discussion. In her experience of over two decades, doctor Akoury is making reference to the several sets of studies which have been conducted by varies bodies over the same. From a number of such studies while examining the health habits of nurses all round whether good or bad and the impact of the outcome to the patients they attend to. It has been established that patients being attended to by overweight nurses are most likely not to succeed in their weight loss objectives. Doctor Akoury registers that such patients will not get the motivation they need to make meaningful progress in their weight loss journey.

Overweight Nurses advice to patients: Weight loss education and awareness

Nurse’s play aver significant roles in the lives of their patients and therefore they must be seen to be ready, competent and effective for them to inspire confidence in their clients. And looking at the rate with which the prevalence of obesity across the globe is increasing, immediate actions needs to be taken to salvage the situation. If overweight nurses advice to the patients is not helping, then this approach needs to be put aside and more awareness be created tailored both to the nurses and their clients. Psychologically it is true that obese nurses may feel uncomfortable addressing overweight complications of their clients because they themselves are victims. This can therefore be addressed by continuous education for both the nurses and their clients about the risks involved with being obese. Besides that the education should also cover the importance of weight management and exercise so that instead of nurses looking at their own situations and patients looking at the appearance of nurses both can concentrate on the bigger picture of losing weight for a healthier life ahead of them.

Finally many studies have generally established that although the vast majority of nurses concede that obesity is a diagnosis which requires intervention, majority of them do not pursue this issue with obese patients. But all in all obese patient and nurses both needs to be assisted get to leaner bodies. Calling on doctor Dalal Akoury today over this weight related issues for help is the best thing you can do for yourself today.

Overweight Nurses advice to patients: How effective would they be to overweight patients?