Drug Addiction recovery

Alternative addiction treatment the better option: Being consistent on the recovery path

Alternative addiction treatment

Alternative addiction treatment is offering great hope for all kinds of addiction recovery

The problems relating to drug addiction are not new to us in this twenty first century and even though a lot is being done to contain the a lot more still needs to be done. One of the treatment options that is becoming popular is the alternative addiction treatment practices which many health workers are in cooperating in the addiction treatment. And to help us understand this treatment option, we are going to be speaking to doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center for more clarity about alternative addiction treatment. This is a conversation you don’t want to miss and we want to encourage you to keep on the link and together let us learn from the experts on some of the reasons why alternative addiction treatment is becoming popular with many people across the globe.

Alternative addiction treatment the better option: The revelation of drug addiction

There are a number of reasons why people often choose alternative treatment. Some of those reasons may include the following options:

One of the most common reasons for why people choose alternative treatment options is because there is the feeling that the available medical treatments are not meeting their needs. In the event that the scientific medications fail to work then naturally people will be tempted to look elsewhere for solutions.

Due to the fewer number of clients that alternative therapists attend to, it is believed that they offer more personalized care. This may be because physicians are overworked or in some cases they will treat patients like puzzles instead of people.

It is believed that alternative medication has little or no side effects further crediting their use by many people to be fewer side effects associated with many alternatives.

Many times physicians have recommended alternative medicine for their patients, this communicate strongly that if they believe it will complement the current treatment or if they feel unable to find an appropriate treatment within western medicine then alternative medicine is the way to go.

People can follow a spiritual path where there is a belief in healing energies that have not yet been discovered by science. Those individuals who believe in healing energies will want to benefit from them.

People come from different cultural backgrounds where they have their own way of doing things including treatment. It therefore means that some people may be comfortable with their approaches to treatment and not be keen on the main stream medications like for example, traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurveda medicine from India.

There are some theories that claim that standard western only treats the disease but alternative medicine treats the whole person. It is suggested that a more holistic approach really gets to the root of problems it does more than just treat the symptoms.

There is a common perception in the public that alternative treatments are more natural, and that natural means they are better and safer free from chemicals.

Those individuals who have had success with alternative treatments can convince family and friends to consider these options. A common reason for why people first experiment with complimentary is due to a recommendation for a friend.

Alternative addiction treatment the better option: Samples of alternative treatment for addiction

There are many alternative addiction treatments available including:

Some individuals do seem to be able to recover from an addiction by purely relying on their own inner resources; this could be described as true natural recovery. This is not an option for everyone, and most people who seek treatment will already have tried and failed many times to quit by themselves.

There are a number of herbal remedies that may be of value to those who are trying to escape addiction. An example of this would be passion flower which is said to help with the mental aspects of addiction withdrawal.

There are many addicts who claim to have benefited from reiki, acupuncture, and other energy treatments. These techniques tend to enhance and not replace traditional treatments.

There is growing evidence that practices such as mindfulness meditation and yoga can be of great value to people in recovery. These continue to be considered alternative treatments by many in the establishment, but this is likely to change in the future under the weight of evidence that supports them.

Alternative addiction treatment the better option: Hitches related to alternative addiction treatment

In everything that people do there will always be the merits and demerits and so even with alternative addiction treatment there will be a number of problems some of which may include the following:

If these treatments had sufficient evidence to support them they would not be considered alternatives. This of course does not mean that such evidence will not appear in the future a common problem with complementary therapies is that they have not been adequately researched on.

Meditation techniques can be highly effective for people in recovery, but it is also possible to overdo it. In rare instances people have developed meditation-related psychosis as a result of their practice.

Some alternative therapists make claims for their methods that are exaggerated. This may be because they actually believe such claims or because they are out to make money and they have no scruples about this.

Some alternative treatments could prove to be dangerous. This is particularly likely to happen when untrained individuals begin offering medical advice like for instance they may tell their clients to stop taking medications prescribed by their physician which is very wrong.

There are undoubtedly people out there who are willing to scam those who looking for help for their addiction. Almost anyone can claim a new addiction wonder cure and try to sell this to other people – those who are cunning enough will be able to do this and remain within the law.

There can be unpleasant side effects associated with most of the herbal remedies. It is not recommended that people begin taking any of these natural medicines without first consulting their physician this is particularly important for those who are already taking prescribed medications because there will be the risk of negative interactions.

Finally things could be worse for some addicts particularly those who only have one more chance at recovery. Doctor Akoury says that if such people make what they call their final attempt using alternative medication and this fails to work, they are likely to give up on ever recovering from their addiction. It would be advisable that patients consult widely before taking any action. If you are worried on where to start from, then look no further and schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for a more professional approach on your struggle with an addiction.

Alternative addiction treatment the better option: Helping addicts to remain focus in recovery process