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Drug use Conflicting opinions

Drug use Conflicting opinions and addiction if the right position is not taken by all the stakeholders, we are likely to take long fighting the war of drug addiction

Drug use Conflicting opinions and addiction: It is never a good idea to use drugs for whatever reason

It has been said without number that people suffering from mental disorders like social anxiety or depression or those with withdrawal symptoms can get relief from using the same drug that caused them the problem in the first place. This is what i want to call a concoction and drug use conflicting opinions. When the end product of any given product is unhealthy, it can never be said to be good and helpful. Doctor Dalal Akoury a renowned addiction expert says that usage of drugs is like suppressing a disease with pain killers. The pain may be suppressed but the disease is active and growing to cause more damage. Therefore drug use is by all standard bad and cannot be good. What people see as positive effect is simply a concoction that will go a way as soon as the real problem of addiction resurface. The more you suppress by taking more of the drug the more dangerous it become to your health and more difficult to handle during recovery process.

Drug use Conflicting opinions and addiction: Effects of Withdrawal symptoms

From the expert’s point of view at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, when users of the drugs are temporarily enjoying the concocted positive effects, they often feel that they will be in more control of the drug they use. But then again they find themselves beaten and like lightening the drug take over the full control of their lives. Before they realize, they are seriously into drugs and what they initially thought was pleasurable becomes less pleasurable and the need to use more drugs overwhelmingly take roots in their lives.

Doctor Akoury advice’s that people needs to stay away from drugs as possible. She says that drugs are very addictive and has no positive ending. Those who took drugs thinking that they are in control are today addicts to the same drugs they were supposed to have control over. At this point, they may then compulsively seek and take drugs even though it causes immeasurable problems to themselves and also to their loved ones. The consequence of this is that they will certainly crave for more drugs and this time, they will even take higher or more frequent doses. With drug use conflicting opinions has no place. It is your health first and the other things letter. This is true even to users in their early stages of drug use says doctor Akoury.

Finally the limits put by the authority are not working either. The better option is complete abstinence. That is to say that even relatively moderate drug use poses dangers. It therefore means that drug use confliction opinions has no place when it comes to drug use. The common denominator hear is drugs are addictive, result in serious chronic health problems and must be treated just like that. If you are struggling with and drug, stop listening to the statements of positive usage, those are just but drug use conflicting opinions. Seek for help and call doctor Akoury today for a more professional healing approach.

Drug use Conflicting opinions and addiction: It is never a good idea to use drugs for whatever reason