sex addiction

Sex addiction recovery

There are some ways to deal with sex addiction, but nothing proves convenient as the 12 step program. This program has also worked for many other addictions such as gambling, drug abuse, over-eating and more.

STEP 1: At this step, you have to admit that you are not in control of your sex addiction, and you need help simply because it is causing you a lot of problems. To save the situation, you have to seek help from a specialist.

STEP 2: Here you have to acknowledge that there is a higher power that can save your situation. A higher power refers to God. Turn to your God and pray that he helps you. The main purpose of a higher power is to play a neutral role.

STEP 3: At this step, you have to offer yourself to what you consider a higher power. You can achieve this by attending your church, reading your Bible or anything that shows you are practicing the faith. However, faith isn’t important. What matters most is showing that you believe in a higher power.

STEP 4: Once you’ve established the presence of a higher power, you are then required to review your morals. See if they are in line with what is required of you based on your beliefs. Examine yourself, find out what you’ve been doing wrong to understand why you couldn’t let the desire go at the first place.

STEP 5: After analyzing your situation, it is time to share it with someone. He or she can be your sponsor or spouse or any other person having the same problem. This will help you to understand your problem clearly.

STEP 6 & 7: At this stage, you’ve moved from identifying your problem to recognizing it. In short, you are past that stage of repeating the same mistake again. You can’t change the past, but you can work on your present. It is at this point that you have to try and reconcile with the higher power to forgive you of your sins.


sex addiction

STEP 8: Here you have to identify the people, your behavior has harmed. For example, your family, spouse or your victims.

STEP 9: After identifying the people your habit has harmed, you have to make some amendment to release the guilt. You can simply apologize. It doesn’t have to be fast. This is one of the hardest steps so take your time.

STEP 10: Identify what triggered you to habit and handle them properly. Ensure that these triggers, don’t end up encouraging another type of addiction.

STEP 11: Pray and meditate a lot. You can set aside at least an hour every day to reflect on your life this will enable you to cope with your current life.

STEP 12 (The final step): Work hand in hand with other people who are addicted to sex in one way or another. You can also share the experiences you’ve gained with others still struggling with sex addiction.

Fighting sex addiction is never easy. The good news is, it doesn’t require any medication. It all depends on your willingness to come out of it. If you can follow the 12 steps above, you’ll be completely cured.


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