Gotu kola leaves

Gotu kola leaves and stems benefits are a source of hope for many addiction related illnesses

Gotu kola leaves and stems benefits: Why use Gotu kola

Scientifically for clear evidence of benefits of Gotu kola to be established, it has to be from the laboratories. While appreciating the fact that in the ancient times this was not the case and the applications still worked, it would be very important that some scientific evidence be established. To that effect, a lot is being done and currently, some animal and laboratory studies of gotu kola leaves have shown promising results for some uses. Nonetheless a lot more needs to be done and research carried out to determine its benefits in human life. Doctor Dalal Akoury acknowledges that one group of gotu kola compounds that has been extracted and tested in clinical trials is called total triterpenic fraction of Centella asiatica (TTFCA). And that a few clinical trials in humans have suggested that extracts of gotu kola and TTFCA, when taken by mouth, were more helpful than a placebo at reducing swelling of the legs and feet due to varicose veins and poor circulation, a condition called chronic venous insufficiency.

Even though these findings appeared to have shown the reduction of the “leakage” of blood vessels that seems to contribute to swelling, doctor Akoury recommends that further research is needed to determine whether these results will hold true. It is also important to remember that extracted chemicals such as TTFCA are not the same as the herb itself. Studies of extracts may not show the same results as studies using the raw plant. Like for instance one study in India reported that gotu kola extract slowed the development of tumors in mice and increased their life span. Other studies with rats showed that gotu kola extract had calming effects and prevented ulcers. Animal studies have shown that gotu kola, when applied to the skin or taken by mouth, seems to promote collagen production in wounds, which contributes to healing.

Gotu kola leaves and stems benefits: Scientific facts about Gotu kola

In the quest to finding clear evidence of benefits of gotu kola, laboratory studies when analysed have showed that fresh gotu kola juice was able to slow the growth of tumor cells, but not as much as more purified extracts from the plant. The findings from the laboratory studies have also suggested that extracts of gotu kola could be useful in the treatment of scleroderma and for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer disease. And according to a small number of laboratory studies conducted in India and Europe, the findings suggested that an ointment or gel made from gotu kola is likely to speed up wound healing. However none of these studies have been done on humans, although some of the wound-healing studies also looked promising in rodent tests.

Although animal and laboratory studies look promising for some of these uses, further studies are necessary to determine whether the results hold true for humans. More well-controlled research is needed to understand whether gotu kola will play any role in cancer treatment. And with such finding being established, it is only fair that you seek for help whenever you are not understanding something. Remember that Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under the able leadership of doctor Akoury’s care are very much available to help you with any concerns you may be having about the use of not just gotu kola, but also other herbal medications. You can schedule for an appointment with doctor Akoury today for the commencement of treatment where possible.

Gotu kola leaves and stems benefits: Why use Gotu kola