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Low carbohydrate challenge

Low carbohydrate challenge getting started tips and recipes that can work well for your health

Low carbohydrate challenge getting started tips and recipes: There is greater joy in low carbs

From the series of articles we have been posting it is evident that low carbs diets is a power when it comes to natural weight loss remedy. From our previous postings, we have highlighted point after point about the good health that comes with low carb diet and by now you must be well informed of the benefits that come with this practice (low carbohydrate challenge). A lot of diseases are put at bay, the body is well composed, stigma and bullying are eliminated and many more advantages that has been outlined. These benefits need to be actualized in your life practically and not just theoretically. In other words you need to put into practice all that you have read so that the purpose of this article and your desire is adequately met.

That is why in this last section we want to introduce you into the world of low carb diet challenge and get you started for greater prosperity not just for you but for many generations to come. Doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center is going to take us through the discussion, giving us her professional touch in the whole process. And as you get started, it is important to appreciate that people normally go for low carb diet for two main reasons. The first is for health issues like control of high blood pressure and diabetes and the second one is to keep and maintain a good and desired body weight. Depending on your choice low carb challenge will still work well for you.

It may interest you to note that with the application of low card alone you can lose up to 15 pounds in just two weeks. That can make you jump off your feet, nonetheless it is not just a myth but it has been proven to be working. We also appreciate that what happen to you may not happen to another but the bottom line is that most people taking this rout often experience a great kick-start and a fantastic weight loss within the first few weeks. Unlike most diets or methods of losing weight, the joy we have with low carbs challenge is that there is instant gratification which is a serious motivating factor for many to keep on the highway to losing weight and finally improving on your health not just in the short while but over long term. A low carb diet is therefore very easy to start, and easy to maintain. Most people often choose it as a lifestyle change, or as a way of eating and when they realize the health benefits and start seeing amazing results they keep the journey and pass it to the next generation. Now as we progress into the discussion about low carb challenge and also how to help you get started, here are some helpful tips for any success on a low carb diet:

Low carbohydrate challenge getting started tips and recipes: Feed on a lot of fiber and fat

Feeding on fat and fiber together produces a high degree of satisfaction. In many instances foods containing flax seeds are highly recommended because they are high in both fiber and healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Low carbohydrate challenge getting started tips and recipes: Always keep hunger at bay

With this kind of diet a lot will be at stake and for sure it is not like any other diets you have been used to before. If you were skipping some meals before, then that has to stop because with this you can’t afford to go hungry for a long period of time. Some people find it’s helpful, especially for the first two weeks, to plan not to go more than 3 hours between meals or snacks.

Low carbohydrate challenge getting started tips and recipes: There is greater joy in low carbs