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Low carbohydrate diets effectiveness and health benefits: How it works to control weight

Low carbohydrate

Low carbohydrate diets effectiveness and health benefits is offering real time solutions to weight loss problem

From the founding fathers of this discovery (low carbohydrate diets) many physicians have over the last century applied Doctor Atkins discovery in the treatment of several health conditions including obesity, diabetes, and many other health problems. Some of the applications commonly used may include low carb high fat (LCHF), Rosedale diet, Atkins, Ketogenic and Protein power. In a little while and with the help of doctor Dalal Akoury MD, President and founder of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, we will be discussion in details low carbohydrates diets work in addressing all these health complications but in the meantime let us look at some of the benefits and side effects that may come with this application:

Prospective benefits

  • It provides the very best diet for carbohydrate-sensitive individuals
  • It encourages consumption of fatty foods which is the preference of many people
  • Improvement of energy
  • With this one may not need to count calories
  • Improvement of moods
  • It is one of the best and effective diet for weight loss
  • Possess high potential of eradicating food cravings and obsession
  • Offers good ways of managing chronic health complications

Even though the concept of low-carbohydrate diets was made popular in recent decades by Dr. Atkins, the concept was discovered very long time ago and has been in exisistance for more than a century now. Over the period quality scientific research findings have established that very low-carbohydrate diets are effective not only as a weight loss strategy, but also as a way of treating and in many cases preventing chronic conditions like diabetes, epilepsy and other common chronic diseases caused by insulin resistance. Now for us to find out how low carbohydrate diets works, we are going to seek answers to some questions as we move along in this order.

Low carbohydrate diets effectiveness and health benefits: How safe are low carbohydrate diets?

The question of safety is very vital and scientific evidence has confirmed that low carbohydrates are indeed safe. This has been further affirmed by the fact that over the years the indigenous Eskimos who were gatherers lived and thrived for centuries feeding essentially on almost carbohydrate free diet and no trace of complications were registered in them. It therefore means that the body can actually survive on a zero grams of carbohydrate and so eliminating carbohydrate from your diet will certainly not cause any harm to your health.

Besides the factors of safety highlighted above, it is important to note that, this is only applicable where one is in perfect health. That is to say if an individual is under certain medication like for instance that of any chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure, such individuals needs to be under close supervision by their physician from the initial stages of this diet. This is very necessary for the medication dosage to be proper. The reason why this is necessary is because this diet can have a powerful effect on your body chemistry quite very fast. With that the blood pressure and blood sugar can naturally fall towards more normal values even in just a few days, thereby necessitating the need for medication dosages to be reduced progressively to avoid any possible serious medication side effects.

The effectiveness of low carbohydrate diets

If one was to ask if the administration of low carbohydrates is effective the answer would be yes and not just yes but exceptionally effective. Research has established that majority of people do lose essentially more body fat much faster and more comfortably on a low carbohydrate diets in relation to other tested diets. The message being passed there is simple and direct to the point that low carbohydrate diets are much healthier than other diets simply because they improve cholesterol profiles together with blood sugar or insulin profile far much better than other diets. The reason behind this is because carbohydrates are a driving force behind cholesterol and blood sugar problems. Experts have since concluded that these diets are actually the best for patients struggling with any pre-diabetes and even diabetes type I and II, besides this category of people this diet is also suitable for all those people who are generally carbohydrate sensitive. The good news about this diet is that it has the potential to entirely reverse the complications of type I and II diabetes.

Low carbohydrate diets effectiveness and health benefits: Ketogenic diets

The most interesting thing about ketogenic diet is that besides being very low in carbohydrates, it is also very limited in protein. These characteristics enable the body to burn fat for energy effectively. Over the years these low carbohydrates diets have been used to effectively and successfully treat epilepsy and have been seen to be much more effective in relation to the anti-seizure medications in most cases. At the moment researchers are busy carrying out test with a view of finding any possibilities of cancer treatment through the application of low carbohydrate diets and any positive result in this line will be a serious break through. Finally and besides the aforementioned, low carb diet is also recommended for treatment of mental health like depression, eating disorder, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Low carbohydrate induction phase

Like with all new things sometime of adaptation will be necessary. If you are going to begin using low carb diet for the first time, things may not be as normal in the early stages of usage. Like for instance in most cases the first few hours (24-72 hours) of being introduced on a very low-carbohydrate diet, you will be faced with some tough situations as your body makes adjust to living without dietary sugars and starches. During this period of adaptation you are likely to feel some changes in your system including being irritable, hungry, moody and tired most of the time. You could also have trouble with sleeping and just feeling restless and unease. It is however important to note that these are very normal experiences and once you get through that preliminary withdrawal period, your body shall have become adaptable to the new environment and you will be able to feel much better.

Because the body was originally designed to be burning fat, our daily practices have made it almost impossible for this function to be performed effectively thanks to the high intake of carbs. And because of this the body has over a very long period of time been changed or reduced into a tool of carbs instead of burning fat. Because of this, it is therefore necessary that the body will have to take some few weeks to completely transition to its original function of burning fats and that is why there will be such feelings during the transition period.

Low carbohydrate diets effectiveness and health benefits: How it works to control weight