stem cell tissues

Organic regeneration and stem cell tissues in traditional medicine

Studies have shown that stem cells can be harvested directly from the adipose tissue to regenerate diseased organs. According to traditional medicine, this practice is abnormal. It means that the human body can heal itself. According to Tibetan traditional medicine, these mechanism is based on energy meridian which is coordinated by the brain’s primordial energy.

Human brain controls each and every psychological process in the body, and this includes differentiation and specialisation of stem cells to regenerate and heal tissues of the affected organ.

The energy barriers are removed if the acupoints located along the meridians are stimulated. This action also sends signals to the brain informing it about the presence of a dysfunctional in the organ. The brain will then analyse the information submitted through energy impulse and then orders the repair system to harvest the required number of stem cells from your body.

This system will then specialise the stem cells as required and send them to the dysfunctional organ. Once they reach the sick body, they begin the regeneration process as well as the elimination of non-functioning cells.

This aspect is vital just because, whenever the organ gets an injury, the body reacts to send genetic information to the stem cells. So, it is important that the stem cells targeted are distinguished with proper genetic information.

stem cell tissues

Tissue regeneration process takes place throughout the body. Several acupoints that coordinate several body functions are stimulated by an acupuncture period. This enables removal of cell residues as well as toxins from the organs restoring their structures.

There are several applications of this stem cell procedure that includes aesthetic as well as medical. But the result depends on the capacity with which your body regenerates. For example, the rate at which an organ is cured depends on the functionality of the tissue involved.

Benefits of stem cell therapy in traditional medicine

This remedy is applicable for both adults, kids as well as pregnant women. Use of stem cell therapy in traditional medicine treatment comes with several benefits that include.

  1. It brings the cell activity to equilibrium and works well to detoxify the organic environment. Studies have shown that the cells obtained from the body of a sick person function best in an artificially made natural surroundings that are clean. When inserted in the body of a sick person, the processes of the cells decrease invariably.
  2. Regeneration and revitalization of the organs, blood as well as skin. The procedure applies to all sorts of chronic illnesses that includes anaemia, leukaemia, cancer, Benin tumours, diabetes mellitus, prostate adenoma, pituitary adenoma, hepatitis, fibroma, bone marrow diseases and more.
  3. It strengthens your osseous system and tones your muscles: This treatment work for muscular dystrophy and paralysis, backbone diseases and more.
  4. It also reduces the effects of ageing as well as prevention of particular illnesses such as osteoporosis and many others.

After a few findings on the limits involved in this therapy, it has been realised that stem cell therapy is applicable for both modern medicines as well as traditional medicine.


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