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Craggy wrinkled skin caused by smoking can be corrected through professional treatment

Craggy wrinkled skin caused by smoking: Drugs addiction prevention pretense

Words may not explain better the kind of pretense and double standards we have when dealing with substance abuse. The consequences are devastating, beauty is destroyed and all that is left is a craggy wrinkled skin thanks to cigarette smoking. In our previous postings we had indicated the levels of hypocrisy our authorities have in dealing with drugs and substances of abuse. Cigarette smoking for instances causes more harm than good to the skin yet it is legally allowed for consumption. Experts in skincare have stated that smoking is one of the major reasons why we have wrinkled skin, primarily because this normally happen by reduction in size of the blood vessels in the outer layers of your skin. The consequence of this reduction is that there will be inadequate flow of blood to the skin thereby reducing the quantity of oxygen supplied to the skin and not forgetting the reduction in supply of the essential nutrients to the largest organ of the body thereby leaving a trail of craggy wrinkled skin.

Craggy wrinkled skin caused by smoking: The damage of important connective fibers

Experts are a worried lot because they know that smoking damages important connective fibers like collagen and elastin, causing permanent wrinkles. It is really beat the logic seeing one spending heavily on cosmetics products to improve the looks on their skin while at the same time puffing up to three packets of cigarette. Do you want to justify that as being ignorant? I disagree and to me it is pure hypocrisy. I know that we can do better than this irrespective of the addictive nature of this substance. The slogan “yes we can” is applicable hear and the sooner we face the facts right the better for all of us. Doctor Dalal Akoury says that if nothing is done in good time, then we are likely to see the significance of the damage in our skin in just less than ten years. It therefore means that if you started smoking at the age of ten then inside your teen years you will begin seeing the formation of wrinkles in your body, on the face, neck and even on your lips. And remember that if this trend continue for another 10 years smoking at least 10 sticks of cigarettes or more daily, you’re more likely to develop deeply wrinkled, leathery skin and a yellowish complexion.

It is important to know that it does not take you to do big things for the damage to be observed, even the little things you do when you puff can contribute to skin damage. For instance when you purse your lips to inhale or squint to keep smoke out of your eyes, you are adding even more stress to your skin. These actions create crow’s feet around your eyes and deep lines on the sides of your mouth. And remember that the damage doesn’t stop at your face. According to AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, various studies have established that smokers will often show signs of accelerated aging below the neck and even on their inner arms. Nonetheless you can correct all these by seeking for professional help by calling doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) who is an addiction expert of several decades and also the founder of the hole of all addiction solutions (AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center) for an appointment so that all your cigarette addiction concerns can be addressed professionally.

Craggy wrinkled skin caused by smoking: Drugs addiction prevention pretense