stem cells

Stem cells are simple cells that aren’t mature enough, but can grow and change into mature blood cells. Infusing stem cells into the human body involves cell transplants that is much needed when the bone marrow doesn’t produce enough stem cells the body needs. The primary role of the transplant is to enable the body to produce enough red blood cells, white blood cells as well as prevent other complications such as bleeding and anemia.

The transplant of stem cells can also be called the transplant of umbilical cord blood or bone marrow. Stem cell procedure increases the chances of patient’s survival as it allows the physicians to obtain the required cells from the patient’s body, twin or any matched donor. It also enables the body to produce the cells that form the blood.

Cancer treatment using stem cells

A cancer patient has to undergo chemotherapy that destroys the stem cells in the area that it is applied. Stem cell procedure is one way to restore the destroyed cells.

When given a high dose of treatments patients are often at risks of their bone marrow getting destroyed. As a result, their bodies end up not being able to produce sufficient blood cells to transfer oxygen to several parts of their body as well as fight other complications.

Stem cell transplantation has proven to be quite effective in treating complications such as lymphoma and leukemia. It can also treat several types of cancers that include multiple myelomas, neuroblastoma and more.


stem cells

The purpose of umbilical cord transplant

The umbilical cord is more applicable when treating adults that have either aplastic anemia or leukemia. It involves extraction, storage and transplantation of the umbilical cord blood. It is hard to come across donors of bone marrow simply because the procedure of extracting a bone marrow is quite painful. Umbilical cord blood has hemopoietic stem cells that can reproduce to form a bone marrow.

Why cord blood transplantation is important

Cord blood transplantation is achievable than bone marrow transplantation. Just like a bone marrow, it can be used to obtain some blood-forming cells.

One of the best things about cord blood is that they are readily available for use and can be stored. Unlike obtaining a bone marrow, it is less painful and as a result, there are more than enough donors who are willing to help. Cord blood transplant has proven to be one of the best strategies for dealing with several complications.

However, there are still some controversies revolving around the procedure and scientist are working so hard to figure out the possibilities.


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