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Erectile dysfunction risks

Erectile dysfunction risks and Sexual impediments can break relationships if not treated timely

Erectile dysfunction risks: What many don’t talk about?

Have you ever asked yourself who is to blame for the problems of erectile dysfunctions risks? We are actually living in a world where apportioning blame is the order of the day and almost becoming part of life. Don’t squint your eyes it all started on creation with the first man if you can remember. When God asked Adam whether he has consumed the forbidden fruit he was quick to pass the blame to Eve, are we together now? Back to my question who’s really to blame when a man has trouble getting an erection? I believe that by listening to this question what comes in your mind immediately are some of the known and common triggers like stress and anxiety or health complications like high blood pressure, diabetes, or treatment for prostate cancer, you’re very right because they are the known triggers. However it has also been established from various studies that certain characters culprits may also contribute to or exacerbate erectile dysfunction (ED), which affects millions of men the world over.

Men might not realize that certain everyday habits can contribute to their risk for erectile dysfunction. You are probably wondering why certain daily activities could be the reason why you’re experiencing the erectile dysfunction but wait a minute and understand this, a few less-well known factors that sexual health experts say men and their partners should watch out for and engage the services of an expert in this line for timely action. Talking about expert, doctor Akoury is a medical doctor with over twenty years of professional experience and very knowledgeable on matters like this she can be of help for you but in the mean-time let’s discuss together the surprises.

Erectile dysfunction risks: A pantry packed with canned foods

Many of the cans holding your tomatoes and beans are lined with a material that contains a chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA), which can interfere with hormone systems by imitating the functions of estrogen in women and inhibiting sex hormones in men. This is according to one Chinese study was established that men who worked in factories where BPA was present had four times the risk of erectile dysfunction compared to workers who weren’t exposed to the chemical. While those workers had BPA levels 50 times that of average men, follow-up research has found links between far lower amounts of BPA with everyday not occupational exposure and ED and decreased desire. BPA is also found in reusable hard plastic (such as certain water bottles) and even in cash register receipts and white dental sealants.

While appreciating that a lot more studies is needed to understand BPA’s effects on human hormone systems, it will be very important to take certain precautions to reduce the risk. For instance when shopping for food stuff you may opt for fresh foods over processed canned ones and always desire and ensure verifying for the containers, bottles and toys labeled BPA- free and avoid those with the number “7” on the bottom; and don’t put plastic containers in the microwave or dishwasher because the heat can cause the chemicals to leach out.

Erectile dysfunction risks: What many don’t talk about?