Better sex is realized with a lean weight: What is the role weight in having quality sex?

Better sex is realized with a lean weight

Better sex is realized with a lean weight. It is also important to note that besides sexual performance, being overweight is very unhealthy for your health.

Are you having problems with your sexual life? Is your partner showing signs of dissatisfaction each time you have sex? I could ask several questions but just those two are enough for the purpose of introducing this topic of discussion. We are focusing on whether better sex is realized with a lean weight. Sex is a very key component in any relationship and whenever it is feels threaten then such relationships involved will begin feeling some form of discomforts. Therefore before we get to that point, we want to engage the experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center to help us understand the significance of being overweight or obese in individual’s sexual life. According to doctor Dalal Akoury (MD) and also the founder of this health facility, being overweight will for sure affect your libido. However these effects could be corrected with practicing some small changes that can jump-start your sex drive and save your relationship from further disintegration. Nonetheless before we explore that aspect of discussion, let us take a moment and look at the atmosphere we live in. honestly speaking there is a lot of sex information around us including the street, learning institutions, media both electronic and print, in social place and even in the churches. In one of the media it was reported that looking, feeling, acting, and just being sexy is the order of the day where the atmosphere is all about sleep your way to sexier sizzle, walking away impotence and going Italian for a better love life. All these are pointers to the fact that sex is basic and if weight is an issue then it must be addressed promptly.

Besides that it is true that cultural messages also continue to tell us that no one bigger than a size 6 should be singing the siren song of sexuality. And just like it is impossible to have a solution of oil and water so being overweight and sexy just doesn’t have a relationship. For those already struggling with weight and image issues, that powerful message can easily throw a wet blanket on even the most active libido says doctor Dalal Akoury.

Unfortunately, people are internalizing society’s definition of what it takes to be involved in sex, and more so in the context of the body shape there are clearly societal biases out there that are influencing us on an individual level and not in a good way. But it turns out that cultural messages aren’t the whole story. New research suggests certain physical conditions that go along with obesity also affect sex drive, further dampening the desires of those who are overweight. Amidst all those challenges there is some element of hope that one can still redeem the situation to suit their needs  by making the following changes to your body (and how you think about your body) to enhance your libido:

  • Lose as little weight as 10 pounds will go a long way in helping you to stimulate sex hormones
  • Eat more nutritious foods, which control cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • When working  workout purpose the exercise to have the blood flowing to the pelvic area
  • Encourage reading relevant sexy novel and other materials
  • Be comfortable with your body at any size
  • And most importantly believe in your sensuality

After doing all these, the question that follows would be “how do you start?” and from the expert opinion at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center, you may want to start by identifying the physical and psychological obstacles that could be standing in your way to a fulfilling sex life.

Better sex is realized with a lean weight: How too much weight hampers sex drive

According to a recent study conducted by various professionals, it was established that up to 30% of obese people seeking help controlling their weight indicate problems with sex drive, desire, performance, or all three. Often, the latest research shows, these problems can be traced to physical conditions that co-exist with obesity.

Medical conditions such as high cholesterol and insulin resistance [an early indicator of type 2 diabetes] do have the ability to impact sexual performance, which in turn impacts desire, particularly in men. And because both conditions can cause the tiny arteries in the penis to shut down, particularly when vessel-clogging fatty deposits begin to form impotence or erectile dysfunction is often the result.

A man who has problems having an erection is going to lose his desire for sex in not too long a time.

Men aren’t alone with sex problems caused by poor blood flow. Research shows overweight women’s sex drive and desire are affected by the same problem.

We are beginning to see that the width of the blood vessels leading to the clitoris [the area of the vagina most closely related to sexual response] in women are affected by the same kind of blockages that impact blood flow to the penis. When this happens, a woman’s body is far less responsive, and a drop in desire is not far behind.

Complicating matters further for both sexes: The more body fat you have, the higher your levels of a natural chemical known as SHBG (short for sex hormone binding globulin). It’s aptly named because it binds to the sex hormone testosterone. Doctors theorize that the more testosterone that is bound to SHBG, the less there is available to stimulate desire.

Better sex is realized with a lean weight: Think sexy and you’ll be sexy

Finally what goes on in your mind can be the reason why you have inabilities to deliver sexually like for instance, for some people, getting physical problems under control is all they need to trigger up the flames of desire. Yet for others, it’s still not quite enough. Experts believe that one of the biggest obstacles to enjoying sex at any size is poor body image. They caution that the inability to accept your weight and your size can leave you sleeping single in a double bed. There is this idea out there that if you accept your body and your weight that it’s somehow going to take away your motivation to change the way you look in a way, society almost tells us that you have to hate your body before you can improve it.

Better sex is realized with a lean weight: What is the role weight in having quality sex?