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Controlling holiday stress

Controlling holiday stress effectively by first solving all the problems that are likely to cause stress complications

Controlling holiday stress effectively: Healthy eating habits

Stress is a serious risk factor in human health. People will do what it takes to reduce the intensity of stress. This has proven to be very difficult, sometimes almost impossible. But because of the creative abilities I humanity. People are resorting to holidays and vacations for peace of mind. Being at peace with yourself is a powerful ingredient in life. Even though this is known to us, we have done little to make it happen. And that explains why controlling holiday stress is a big problem to many. The holiday period is busy and comes with many activities including; extra shopping, cooking, gatherings, and work related obligations… the list is endless. With all of these additional tasks requiring attention all at the same time. We tend to forget the most important things quality sleep and exercise. These two are rank as the best in handling holidays stress.

Experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care reports that many people gain weight over the holidays, with the increased stress. Doctor Dalal Akoury explains that stress eating can be a major factor in weight management. It normally sneaks in as grazing, night-time eating, extra snacking, or even binge eating. With any of these forms of stress eating, the food choices are likely to be unhealthy and the act of eating doesn’t satisfy the true needs of stress relief. So, how do you get through the holidays without putting on extra pounds? By:

  • Planning ahead
  • Grouping major events
  • Shopping
  • Exercise and stress relievers
  • Sleeping and relaxing
  • Food

These are some of the strategies applicable in weight management during vacations. For the purpose of this article, we are going to discuss the first two. We will progressively address the remainder in our next posting. Therefore, stay on the link and learn with the experts.

Controlling holiday stress effectively: Plan ahead

Take a few minutes today to plan how you are going to maintain your weight loss or continue to lose over the holidays (handling holidays stress). Make sure that you plan for the whole season and then reduce it down to smaller segments by months, weeks, and days and in that plan include:

  • Plan some stress relievers
  • Plan your exercise
  • Plan your meals
  • Plan your treats

Remember that if you fail to plan, you are actually planning to fail; therefore, the desire to plan nothing but to succeed.

Controlling holiday stress effectively: Categorize major events

Think about what your major obligations are. Like for instance:

  • Work and family get-togethers
  • Parties or dinners with friends
  • Shopping
  • Holiday celebration

Don’t let these activities sneak up on you. Instead, put them on your schedule of events. Slot then in your calendar now and make a list of what you need to do. How to prepare for these obligations. And when you need to start undertaking them. Finally, your holiday objective should be met but they must not ruin your weight loss progress. As we continue in the next article, you may want to call doctor Akoury to help you address all your weight loss concerns now.

Controlling holiday stress effectively: Healthy eating habits