Obesity and weight lose
Inflammatory detriment

Inflammatory detriment and obesity comes mainly from all toxic food elements

Inflammatory detriment and obesity: Interleukin-6 

When addressing the problems that are associated with obesity, it is worth noting that, Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is possibly another factor associated with inflammatory detriment within the portal system. In her decades of practicing, doctor Dalal Akoury MD President and founder of AWAREmed health and wellness resource center reiterates that high levels of IL-6 are a marker for inflammation and vascular pathology. Obese subjects demonstrated a 50% greater portal vein IL-6 concentration, demonstrating, again, the profound effect visceral fat has on pathogenic indicators. Portal vein IL-6 correlates with systemic C-reactive protein concentrations.

C-reactive protein is associated with cardio- and peripheral vascular disease. C-reactive protein and oxidative stress are now presumed to interact in the early inflammatory processes of atherosclerosis. This is significant for young obese individuals. Although more research is necessary for conclusive association, C-reactive protein may be a new risk factor for CAD in individuals under 25 years of age.

Inflammatory detriment and obesity: Inflammation imbalances

The imbalance between increased inflammatory stimuli with a concurrent reduction in anti-inflammatory activity may be the foundation for the accelerated endothelial dysfunction and insulin resistance associated with obesity and the comorbid disorders of metabolic disease. More research is needed to clearly delineate the particular relationships, but it seems evident that the low grade inflammation caused by obesity and visceral adiposity lead to the premature development of disease. This, more so than ever before, identifies the importance of weight management during the developmental years and ongoing efforts to control weight throughout one’s lifespan.

Nonetheless, this must not be seen to have shut the doors for individuals who are obese currently. The good news is that, there is still hope of recovery. This is because weight loss is related to reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation, and these beneficial effects are likely to translate into reduction of cardiovascular risk in obese individuals. Likewise, exercise and dietary management, along with pharmacologic intervention can lead to atherosclerotic reversal in the earlier stages of CAD. Individuals with central adiposity, poor blood lipid profiles, and hypertension or insulin resistance should seek immediate professional assistance to prevent further health detriment.

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Inflammatory detriment and obesity: Interleukin-6