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Drug addiction experiences by parents caring for addicts has given serious lesions to be emulated

Drug addiction experiences by parents caring for addicts: Lesions learnt

If you have been with us for a while you must be aware of the story of these couple whose child was struggling with heroin addiction. The following are some of the lesions they learnt and from their child’s drug addiction experiences which you too can benefit form:

  1. Parents are enablers
  2. I cannot fix his
  3. My addict is a liar
  4. My addict is a criminal
  5. Others don’t want them around
  6. Life will not be the same
  7. Homelessness may be the path he chooses

Drug addiction experiences by parents caring for addicts: Parents are enablers

I believe that just like we love our children you also do the same. For our case we would do anything to ease the pain he was going through. Take away the addiction. Smooth the road. In fact we would give our life if it would help protect our son from the sufferings of addiction. In one of my communication with my son over his addiction and to bring my message home I made it simpler using the illustration of a moving train and him standing on the railroad. In this illustration, the train represented the drugs. Encouraging him that it was my duty as a father to take care of him by pushing him off the danger and take his place. Of course that is what you would have done too. However, I now understand how wrong I was since all that would only save his life and risk mine on the tracks and thereafter he would repeat the same thing again. His mind set shall have not been changed and I will be dead not being there to take my role as a good father I am.

Even though we are bringing up our children in the best way we can, it does not guarantee that they will forever be that way. In those unforeseen circumstances, they will often take the wrong railroad. I realize that we can only support them and give them the opportunities to make another decision. It may not be easy but that is why there are professionals who are well trained in such disciplines. It does not mean that they will be taking our roles as parents but professionals like experts at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center including recovering addicts, police officers, probation officers, corrections officers, pastors, counselors, all these people can do a better job than we can in showing our addict the correct path. I appreciate that this may be very difficult to some because no one loves our children like we do but, then a gain we must also be flexible and accept that we cannot do what the experts can do and more importantly what our children need and when they need it. That is why we are only enablers we do our part and let the others do the rest with our full support. If you are looking for such experts to help your child, look no further for doctor Dalal Akoury is all you need and all your addiction related concerns will be addressed professionally.

Drug addiction experiences by parents caring for addicts: Lesions learnt