Women’s Sexuality In The 20th Century And Today.

women sexualityAs seen with many tests, reports and surveys, women’s sexuality was becoming something of a big issue, receiving interests and attention from all quarters of life. This sudden flurry of interest was believed to have started with the publication of a book titled What Do Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire by Daniel Bergner. This book was one of the greatest hits on the New York Times list. It was focused on the treatment of women that has low sexual libidos although many angles have been explored and current researches are still going on, on women’s sexuality in the 20th century and today.

As each day goes by the complexity of the sexual character or behavior of women seems to be spiraling beyond control. Evolutionally, females are seen as the conservatives when it comes to sex. While they are careful in choosing their partners, they are mostly loyal and steady in their relationships. Males are the ones who don’t attach too much importance to who they have sex with and are mostly not so committed. For males, it’s the pleasure first before the commitment. As such, they tend to just choose a partner at random and they are more likely to have multiple partners that not. However, with the recent results shown in researches and studies conducted on the 20th Century women, the story has changed to a large extent.

The today’s woman tends to have sexual appetite that may not be as consistent as what obtains in the past. Women today want to enjoy sex with reckless abandon, something that would have been more consistent with me. They want the good sex. For them, they have been taken for granted for too long. According to the research, many females interviewed agreed that they have always had desires for passionate and unrestricted sexual life but that has not always been seen as normal within social, political and religious points of view. A woman who seeks to express or explore her sexuality will soon be seen as promiscuous. Today however, there seems to be a newfound freedom for women to express their sexuality.

The TV seems to be one of the biggest pivots in changing women’s sexuality in the 20th century and today. Turn on the TV and you are watching a show that is displaying women expressing their sexual appetite as they like it. Gone are the days when sex used to be something you keep for the sacred confines of marriage, you can now pick it up on the alleyways, in the restrooms, the hotels and anywhere you like it and this doesn’t look too good for the menfolk. Also, with the increased number of women fighting for women rights in public and personal domains, women have come to see themselves as deprived for too long and are therefore no longer ready to play the servant any longer to men in their relationships. In most movies today, where women are lead characters, they are portrayed as confident and assertive. Many magazines today are focused on helping women discover their various sexual potentials.

The published work of Williams Masters, M.D and Virginia Johnson was a groundbreaking one on Human Sexual Inadequacy in 1970 was a groundbreaking one. According to the studies, more than 50% of women have unsatisfying sexual lives in their relationships. Then, it was believed that the cause was either conservative cultural issues or ignorance of how sex works. It was the general believe that men are the experts in sex and that they should be gentler with women. This was one of the errors we have seen as today, it appears men don’t even know anything about sex.

Women claim they have been on the conservative because there was little or no way to reduce the occurrence of pregnancies when they have sex and no woman wants to get pregnant for any random man. Today however, contraceptives are everywhere. This has given women the ability to have sex without worrying about getting pregnant. Most women today have long-term partners for the purpose of raising family; people they hardly now enjoy sex with and because of that, have a couple other males outside with whom they enjoy steamy and passionate sexual encounters with no strings attached.

The thought of this has raised too much dust and it is understandable. Men feel insecure because they don’t know who now satisfied their partners outside. It’s kind of crazy because one out of every 5 women you see go by is keen on sex without borders. The question still remain “How did we get here?” Women sexuality is now celebrated and this definitely is not doing too much good to anyone. These are issues that are bothering to parents and people in relationships alike and no one really knows how to put an end to such.

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