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      10 Day Drug Detox Achieving Full Mind and Body Restoration

      For many years, illicit drugs posed the greatest risk for addiction but today there is a growing problem with prescription medication as well. Although not every one of the 2.4 million Americans who abuse prescriptions has a bona fide dependency, many do. Of course, drug addiction is a problem that reaches beyond the United States to virtually every country. While there are numerous challenges associated with drug addiction, we want to address two in particular. First, between these two classifications of drugs people from literally every walk of life are affected. Simply put, along with street addicts who often depend on illicit drugs, we now see housewives, lawyers, politicians, actors, corporate executives, engineers, and even medical professionals who struggle with prescription drug abuse. Second, the abuse of illicit and prescription drugs has a profound impact not only on a person’s mind and body but also family members, friends, and career. Many people who face addiction feel hopeless, which is understandable but there is light at the end of the tunnel through a 10 day drug detox program designed to fully restore a person back to good health, psychologically, socially, and physically.

      A Life Changing Investment

      There are many reasons that a person develops a dependency problem but often it has to do with social pressure and the accessibility to an array of illicit and prescription drugs. Stress associated with marriage, career, raising children, finances, death of a loved one, and a slew of other life situations are overwhelming for some people, causing them to turn to drugs as a means to cope. However, some people become addicted because a legitimate medication used to treat an illness or injury is now used non-medically. Regardless of the trigger, for most there is an extreme sense of guilt that in most cases magnifies the need to self-medicate. It is important to know that no matter how bleak a situation might seem, it is possible for a person to take back control and once again enjoy life to the fullest. The best solution is by completing the right treatment program. For instance, the NER 10 day drug detox program developed by Dr. Dalal Akoury of the AWAREmed Health Wellness Resource Center is considered an ideal choice with limitless rewards.

      To combat the growing drug addiction problem, a multitude of programs have been created but unfortunately many of them provide only temporary recovery. In order for a person to truly overcome a drug dependency, it is critical to achieve complete balance of the spirit, mind, and body. NER detoxification is highly respected within the medical profession because its treatment is truly a miraculous breakthrough. This 10 day drug detox is specially designed to accomplish several things. As mentioned, an individual’s spirit, mind, and body are restored, which in turn helps bring harmony to the neuroendocrine system to include damage to the brain. While every person responds somewhat differently, this AWAREmed treatment balances neurotransmitters within the brain, the autonomic nervous system, and the Endocrine system, thereby returning function to a state prior to physical addiction. Best of all, this treatment is natural, highly effective, and safe.

      Quicker and Easier Recovery

      In talking to people who have entered rehab or tried various methods of getting off drugs, the majority agree the standard process is long and difficult, which actually becomes a stumbling block to achieving overall success of permanent recovery. Keep in mind that many people have been able to overcome addiction through the traditional 12-step program that most treatment centers offer but seldom is the physical aspect of addiction properly addressed. For this reason, it is common for a person to experience difficult and even excruciating withdrawals but also develop powerful cravings within a short period of time of completing the program. Sadly, many people will relapse. In comparison, the AWAREmed Addiction 10 day drug detox program focuses on the social and psychological aspects of dependency in addition to the various physical effects. As a result, recovery for most people is achieved quicker and easier, as well as long-term, if not permanent.

      Key Benefits to NER Drug Detox

      An effective 10 day drug detox program such as NER offers a number of key benefits that are usually not found with conventional treatments. For starters, this detox program addresses the addiction problem at the core, thereby making the goal of a full recovery attainable. This program is also 100% natural, which allows an individual to see improvement within a very brief period of time and without introducing other harsh and dangerous chemicals into the body. A reputable program such NER also repairs damage caused by the drug abused but in addition, it helps reduce potential for further damage. Another key benefit is having the ability to get through the program with very little withdrawal discomfort, which is extremely encouraging and motivating. Something else to consider is that this 10 day drug detox is completed on an outpatient basis. Because of this, a person has the opportunity to recover in the privacy of home. Finally, this is an all-inclusive program, meaning all aspects of the addiction are professionally addressed. For anyone interested in recovering from an illicit or prescription drug addiction and reclaiming life, this is the time to take the first step in the direction toward good health.

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