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      10 Days safe Drug Detox - How Can A Detox Program Change Your Life

      According to recent study by the national Institute on drug abuse, the use of illicit alcohol and drugs accounts to more than $600 billion every year associated with crime, lost productivity and health care. A detox center is a right place that can offer critical help to those who have got addicted to alcohol or drugs and have lost complete control of their lives. The first step in getting help is to identify if help is needed.  Asking a detox center to help withdraw from drugs is a life-changing decision, and because of this, it’s important to know how to recognize the symptoms of alcohol or drug abuse and how to choose the best detox facility for you or your loved one. Although, there are several drug detox facilities around you, choosing the one that offers complete help and have proven records of effective recovery is quite challenging, not to mention the cost associated to it.  A 10 day drug detox Program is the minimum that you need to get, because anything below this is just waste of money and time.

      10 Day Drug Detox Program teach How To Recognize The Symptoms Of Drug Abuse?

      As mentioned earlier, the first step to getting help is to realize if you or your loved one has symptoms of drug abuse. Knowing how to recognize this is the first necessary step to obtain professional help and begin a new healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, a lot of people believe that they are capable of using alcohol or drugs socially without any consequences or being addicted to it completely. It’s very important to understand that the symptoms associated with drug addiction can differ from person to person, and there is no standard definition for the same. Some of the symptoms associated with drug addiction are incapability of resisting the need to use drugs, the ability to limit the amount of consumption, hiding consumption, developing rituals associated with consuming drugs, making excuses for consuming drugs, experiencing health concerns including blackouts after consumption. It’s extremely important to judge if your loved one is having problems with drug addiction, because the sooner you identify the same, that easier it becomes to treat them and bring them back to normal. Apart from the earlier mentioned, some additional changes or side effects of drug addiction can include – change in sleeping patterns, sudden weight loss or weight gain, no interest in personal grooming, lack of concentration, tremors, slurry way of talking, sudden changes in social activities, getting irritated more often, paranoia, anxiety and anger. The moment you realize that your loved one is having a problem of drug addiction, going for a 10 day drug detox program is the first step to helping your loved one get back to life.

      AWAREmed 10 Day Program demonstrate How Can Detox Facilities Help?

      Several studies conducted by the National Institute On Drug Abuse observed that every time a dollar is spent on addiction treatment program, there is a reduction ranging around $4-$7 in crimes related to drugs. Detox facilities and centers are specially designed to help patients with all the resources they need to not only detox from drug addiction, but also learn how to begin a new life and not be depend on toxic products. It doesn’t matter whether you need to detox from drugs or alcohol, choosing the right program can go a long way in helping you manage your withdrawal symptoms and provide you necessary medical assistance you need during this difficult time. If you think that your loved one may have a drug problem, you can take advantage of the 10 day drug detox Program offered by Dr. Dalal Akauory of AWAREmed Health And Wellness Resource Center through their most effective NER addiction recovery therapy. One of the biggest benefits of a detox program is that if you are already going through a treatment plan, it can be customized according to your specification. Of course, every patient has different needs. For instance, the 10 day drug detox program is designed based on the type of drugs and the amount you are presently consuming. This is a very important factor because opiate detoxification is entirely different from alcohol detoxification. Hence, if you go for a detox program, it has to be personalized and designed for the patient’s psychological and medical conditions.

      There are several factors that are involved in customizing a 10 day detox program, including the patient’s motivation in completing the program successfully. The first step of the detox facility is to help the patient get rid of any toxins from their body. This is important for the patient to work on long-term therapy or recovery. To help a patient get back to a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to have a clean system and begin his journey with a sober and addiction free lifestyle. Always remember, the sooner you choose a detox facility, the better is your opportunity to achieve long-term recovery and help a patient get back to their active lifestyle.

      Choosing A Good Detoxification Facility that offers a 10 day a rug detox program

      Among several other factors that help a person choose a good detoxification therapy for their loved ones are – the quality of the detox program, the training and education of the staff in the facility, the location of the facility, the rate of success achieved by the facility and the type of services offered at the center. Analyzing these factors will surely help a person to understand the efficiency of the center in treating a patient and having him come back to life.

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