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      8 Signs of Milk Tea Addiction

      Unless you hate milk, you’ll want to take your cup of milk tea every morning or in the evening hours. The truth is, we never get enough of it. Another thing that makes this tea recipe quite fascinating is the fact that you can come up with a flavour of your liking, meaning, you won’t get bored of it. And that is the reason; you’ll never hear any fanatic refusing a cup of milk tea offer.

      Unfortunately, there are those who overdo it. There are those who drink their milk teas more than they drink water. If you are one of them, then you are probably an addict. But you don’t need to jump to conclusions. Here are some signs that your habit of taking your cup of milk tea is becoming a problem.

      1. You try to get your friend to take milk tea

        Your friends are some of the closest people you have around you most of the time. So, you want them to do what you are fond of doing simply to fit in. You’ll try every way to convince them to take milk tea.

      2. One week is too much without a cup of milk tea

        If you aren’t an addict, then replacing your cup of milk tea for one week with something else shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you can’t get it off your head or feel depressed because you don’t take it, it becomes a problem to watch out for.

      3. You are never a stranger to barista shops near you

        Unless you own the shop, barista shops shouldn’t be fond of you more often. If you are a die-hard milk tea lover, then probably they will notice your presence when you get into the store. They’ll even be able to guess what you are about to order.

      4. Milk tea tops your budget list

        A few things should be in your every week or month budget. If you can’t miss milk tea somewhere in your budget list each time you prepare a budget, then you are probably an addict.

      5. You feel bad hearing someone talk trash about milk tea

        Why would you feel bad when someone talks about any food you eat but aren’t fond of? Simple, you like it so much you can’t stand a hater. You’ll even want to pick a fight. If this is you, it is important that you consider help.

      6. You have a list of top selling flavours

        You like milk tea so much you can’t miss anything trending about it. You are even aware of the top selling flavours.

      7. Your friends find a way to relate you to milk tea

        Any time you meet with your friends, the first thing that occupies their mind is milk tea. They’ve even come up with a name to relate you to it.

      8. To you, milk tea isn’t different from coffee

        Caffeine in coffee makes us alert in our workplaces. That’s what you need to take when you are tired. If you feel milk tea can do the same thing, then you are probably an addict.

      9. The Bottom Line

        Milk tea can sometimes be irresistible. Just like any other thing, you can get addicted to it. Lucky for you, there is no health risk associated with it. It is, however, important that you watch the obsession.

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