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      Abstinence and Self-Help for Addiction

      Drug addiction has been for a long time been an element of life frustration globally. The frustration is compounded with the fact that this problem can affect everybody in total disregard of status or otherwise. It is true that several studies have been conducted in an effort to finding lasting solutions to this problem with some successes being achieved. However in this article I will be discussing some of the things you can do as an individual privately or publicly as your own contribution in fighting the scourge of addiction in our societies. As an individual you can choose to practice abstinence as a means of containing addiction. What is then this element abstinence?

      Abstinence would mean that an individual make an absolute and willing decision to renounce all kinds of activities and elements which are known to be harmful and addictive. Taking this decision will require taking bold steps and making certain sacrifices to abscond the consumption of certain substances and shunning areas where such products are likely to be used and purposely choosing a healthier lifestyle. To illustrate this, an individual may choose to avoid places where smocking is wide spread. Various institutions and governments have in the recent past bun cigarette smoking in certain areas which has positively impacted on many people choosing to abstain from smoking. On the other hand, if alcohol is the problem then keeping distance to alcohol selling joints and all social gatherings where alcohol will be served. If you are invited then you decline the invitation.

      The practice of abstinence is open for everybody but most importantly to those individuals with confirmed addictive personality for example if one is using caffeine and decides to remove all inducement. The decision could also be guided by the fact that taking on a substance can lead to using another like smoking and drinking all at the same time.

      One may choose to abstain not because they are at any risk of being addicted to the substance but just by making observation on the surrounding. Having seen people suffering from drug addiction before may necessitate one opting for absolute abstinence to avoid the same experience.

      Abstinence and self-help for addiction – How do you abstain?

      Abstinence is not all that easy to everyone, it will take great effort, commitment, self-control and will power to achieve this because it entails strict engagement only in positive attitude and being bold enough to say NO if and when offered anything of addictive nature like alcohol or cigarette. It also entails inventing positive and healthy ways of dealing with issues related to stress and other associated problems in life. This is particularly important to those people who have not been in any sort of drug addiction before.

      If one is already addicted to a substance the for abstinence to be effective then the individual must appreciate the effects of withdrawal symptoms of their addiction and embrace a coping approach to include how they will deal with these if and when they come. This will involve making several alterations like creating a new set of friends and only choosing to socialize with people who will not influence negative temptations resorting to relapse.

      Joining a support group and learning new hobbies and activities also help in abstinence. When in the group, it is important that you share freely with your group therapist and they will advise you on the possible ways of medication to help with withdrawal and details of support groups in your location.

      Abstinence and self-help for addiction – Self-Help

      This is another possible method of preventing an addiction in once life and the society and it is a phrase used to define a range of treatments which people look for and administer for them as well as from professional help. The sources of this treatment information may include books, DVDs, courses, self-help groups, hypnotherapy and stress management. The objective of using this is that the addict will learn values of defeating addiction in their live.

      Self-help is becoming a popular area in the general public because many people appreciate personal development and are looking at various ways of doing so. This gives them the feeling that they can improve certain aspect of their lives for example confidence building and will employ any number of ways of doing so. Normally self-help is a service provided by qualified professionals and therapists.

      Abstinence and self-help for addiction – Self-help for addiction

      We have a variety of products available to effectively help in self-help for addiction some of which may include:

      • Hypnotherapy:  this is normally started with a therapist to start with before being undertaken at home. It can involve using a CD or DVD to help relax your state of mind and clarify the way you think.
      • Self-help groups:  today we have so many groups for every type of addiction, for example Alcoholics Anonymous, and they are comprised of people who have similar experiences. Addicts can freely share their addiction empathies with others.
      • A good confidence boost: you have the support and understanding of others in the same position as yourself.
      • Positive thinking: a way of thinking about the good things in your life and not dwell on the negative aspects. Surround yourself with confident, upbeat people and their optimism will rub off on you. These are the type of people who will want you to beat your addiction. Also known as ‘positive mental attitude’.
      • Relaxation and deep breathing: deep breathing and relaxation techniques can be a useful way of overcoming any cravings you may experience. Use them as a way of distracting yourself if a craving arises and it will soon pass.
      • Stress management: stress is a problem for many of us and is often the trigger for many addictions. Try and find a form of stress release which is healthy and good for you. These can include a relaxing walk, reading a book, listening to music or having to a massage.

      Finally there are so many types of self-help products and a collection of abstinence methods and they will be helpful to people differently and so it is important that you look through carefully to find the one that is right for you. Doing this may not necessarily mean that you will be fine on your own, you will still need the professional touch from the experts like Dr. Dalal Akoury who is the Founder and chief executive office of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center a facility offering exclusive NER Recovery Treatment to other physicians and health care professionals through training, clinical apprenticeships, webinars and seminars all in equal measure. All qualified professional and the general members of the society are free and can now be a part of this truly successful and fast addiction recovery treatment.

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