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      Intravenous Amino Acid Treatment for Addiction Treating Severe Dependencies

      With the problem of addiction reaching an all-time high, it has become necessary for medical doctors, researchers, and scientists to find and develop new treatments. Although additional methods of treatment are important, it is just as important to recognize some of the revolutionary remedies offered today. One of these is anintravenous amino acid treatment for addiction. Interestingly, the introduction of nutrients via IV has become increasingly popular for a variety of health conditions. As an example, there are certain combinations of vitamins and other nutrients that offer people with Lyme disease and arthritis much-needed relief. The same is true for people who struggle with addictions. While treatments using amino acids are commonly used to treat dependencies on illicit drugs, prescription medications, and/or alcohol, this has been shown to benefit other addictions as well.

      Understanding Amino Acids

      To better understand why this type of treatment is so successful, it helps to understand what amino acids are. These are organic compounds broken down into “essential” and “nonessential” groups, as well as numerous classifications to include Acidic and their Amide, Aliphatic, Aromatic, Basic, Cyclic, and Hydroxyl. A few examples of actual amino acids include Alanine, Cysteine, Histidine, Lysine, Proline, and Serine. While there are a number of different elements, the primary ones consist of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen. Based on the biological makeup and significance of amino acids, they are a critical component of nutrition. In other words, to maintain good health and wellness, amino acids are an essential part of daily nutrition. Unfortunately, addiction causes physical damage, usually to the brain, endocrine system, and immune system. Therefore, recovery, as well as ongoing health depends heavily on the introduction of amino acids. Now, these nutrients are found in a variety of food items but when there has been significant damage caused by a severe or long-term dependency, intravenous amino acid treatment for addiction offers the chance for a dramatic improvement over diet and even supplements alone.

      Amino Acids are known as monomers, which are structural units of which proteins are made and as most people know, protein is vital to good health. As mentioned, there are two groups of amino acids to include nonessentials, which are produced naturally by the body, and essentials, which need to be introduced via food, supplements, or IV therapy. Because of the damage caused by dependency, intravenous amino acid treatment for addiction with the right combination of essentials is the key to successful recovery. With this form of treatment, an individual’s immune system strengthens, fat buildup is reduced, antioxidant activity returns to normal, muscle development improves, and even the body’s central nervous system experiences repair and restoration. Not only is addiction of any type or on any level serious, so is the quality of amino acids used in IV therapy. Dr. Dalal Akoury who founded the AWAREmed Health Wellness Resource Center created a special treatment for people with dependencies. This 10-day detoxification program entails the use of a neuro restorative amino acid IV detox blend that is deemed effective and safe.

      10 Days to Recovery

      Although some people are skeptical about detoxifying in just 10 days, the NER program has already helped thousands upon thousands of people across the country conquer addiction but also maintain good health. The unique blend of this intravenous amino acid treatment for addiction consists of Diindolylmethane, also referred to simply as DIM. In this case, balance is restored to neurotransmitters within the brain, the endocrine system, and the autonomic nervous system. Unlike most conventional recovery programs, healing can be achieved in just 10 days. In fact, the majority of people who choose this IV therapy notice improvement within a few days, to include fewer cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This fast track to overcoming an addiction is highly sought after by busy executives and high-profile people who have a lot to lose. Of course, achieving fast, safe, and effective recovery in the privacy of the home is something appealing to anyone serious about overcoming an addiction.

      AWAREmed versus Conventional Recovery Programs

      Although there is nothing wrong with traditional 12-step programs used to treat addictions, these take a great deal of time to complete. For some people, these programs work fine but for many, the extended length of time leads to discouragement and ultimately some level of relapse. In looking at the NER treatment offered by AWAREmed, we want to point out one of the primary benefits. Dr. Akoury developed this program to ensure body, mind, and spirit are restored. Most conventional programs focus solely on the physical aspects of addiction but even for those where psychological issues are addressed, the amount of help is insufficient. In comparison, the unique intravenous amino acid treatment for addiction through AWAREmed brings restoration to a person as a whole, which leads to easier and permanent recovery. Keep in mind that once a dependency is conquered, it is imperative to follow a maintenance plan. This organization can help with that as well. Through the online store, a number of amino acid products are sold to include 1,000 milligram Tyrosine powder, Homocysteine, which is sulphur that contains amino acid, and PharmaGABA that provides 200 milligrams of GABA in chewable tablet, among others. One last advantage to the NER treatment is affordability. In making comparisons in price for this program versus others, Dr. Akoury has developed the perfect cost-efficient solution to addiction!

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