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      NER Neuro Endocrine Restoration Detox A Unique Approach to Recovery

      For anyone tired of dealing with an >addiction problem and having trouble with more conventional treatment options, there is now a unique approach to recovery in the form of NER (Neuro Endocrine Restoration) detox. Developed by Dr. Dalal Akoury who founded the AWAREmed Health Wellness Resource Center, this treatment is proven to be highly effective and safe for adults, as well as adolescents. Recognizing the growing need for a natural recovery process, Dr. Akoury used her vast education, experience, and passion to develop a one-of-a-kind solution not just for addiction to illicit drugs, prescription medications, and alcohol but also smoking, food, sex, gambling, and much more. Dependency on any level is tough to overcome and for most people, having an addiction is a very embarrassing problem. Unfortunately, it is the exposure of being treated in a hospital or rehab center that stops some people from seeking professional help. The good news is that with NER being an outpatient treatment program, the goal of recovery is attainable in complete privacy of the home. As imagined, this is beneficial for everyone but it especially prompts people such as executives, lawyers, politicians, actors, and even doctors who tend to be in the public eye to take action.

      Understanding the Endocrine System

      To better appreciate NER (Neuro Endocrine Restoration) detox, it helps to learn more a about the endocrine system for which this treatment was developed. The term “endocrine” is derived from “endo” and “crinsis”, two Greek words that means “within” and secrete” respectively. This system of the body is complex, consisting of a collection of tissues, cells, and glands of an organism through which hormones are secreted into the bloodstream and in some cases, via nerve tracts. These hormones then go to work to control various behavioral and physiological activities of those organisms. There are a number of interesting facts about the endocrine system such as responses are slowly initiated but they can last up to several weeks. In addition, the secreted hormones accomplish various goals. For instance, these hormones are responsible for regulating growth and development, they stimulate proper thyroid function, improve mood, balance metabolism, induce sleep, and aid in tissue function. Along with the primary endocrine organs, other organs of the body have secondary endocrine function such as the gonads, kidneys, liver, and even the heart. There is also a major connection with the immune system, which means any damage to the endocrine system caused by drugs and/or alcohol, an individual is likely to struggle with ongoing health issues.

      Dependency on illicit drugs, prescription medications, and alcohol are responsible for damage to the body to include the endocrine system. Two examples of damage include decrease of system function and oxidation of cells within the liver. Remember, chemicals and alcohol goes directly into the bloodstream and then travel throughout a person’s entire body.  Although all organs can experience damage, those that require a signification amount of water for proper function and blood will be affected most to include the brain. In this case, the primary benefit of the NER (Neuro Endocrine Restoration) detox program is that it is designed to actually repair damage to the brain. Another concern pertaining to addiction is the pancreas, which in some instances will overproduce insulin, which then causes low blood sugar. With this, an individual will begin to feel nauseous, anxious, and hungry. Keep in mind that there are many other forms of damage to the endocrine system caused by certain addictions, but those we listed are good representations of why getting and staying clean is so vital to good health. The bottom line is that the NER (Neuro Endocrine Restoration) detox not only helps with addiction recovery, it aids in healing of major organs. In fact, not only is damage to the brain restored, function is usually returned to a state prior to the start of addiction.

      Ways that NER Benefits

      To fully appreciate success associated with the NER (Neuro Endocrine Restoration) detox program, we feel it is important to provide a brief overview of what this treatment entails. As stated, NER is completed on an outpatient basis that encourages more people to follow through. In addition, results of detoxification are fast. Because of this, someone struggling with dependency sees improvement in a short period of time, which in turn motivates. This program has also been deemed completely safe, making it the ideal solution for men, women, and even many adolescents. However, one of the most significant differences between NER (Neuro Endocrine Restoration) detox compared to other programs is that it allows a person to sustain recovery. Using the right combination of nutrients to include amino acids and vitamins, as well as proper diet, the goal of recovery is attainable. Something else to consider is that typical withdrawal symptoms are minimized. In other words, the discomfort and even pain associated with withdrawal is dramatically reduced and sometimes, eliminated altogether. This detoxification method is also unique because it restores and balances the three body fundamentals – body, mind, and spirit. Overall, an individual with a dependency has the opportunity to heal physically, overcome challenges psychologically, and feel good about the process but also achieving full sobriety.

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