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      Outpatient Addiction Treatment - A Growing Trend

      For a long time, entering a hospital or rehab center was the only option people had in trying to conquer an addiction. Of course, these remain options today and while there are times a more intense program is needed, being away from home, work, family, and friends is not always a viable choice. As imagined, many people have concerns when it comes to entering a hospital or rehab center. For instance, home maintenance without family members or friends nearby to help would be difficult. Other challenges include home security, care of pets, paying bills, and so on. Although there are laws in place that protect a person’s employment while being treated for addiction, risks unfortunately exist. Something else to consider is that even when being provided with support from loved ones, the period of separation can actually slow down or even deter the recovery process in that the individual with the addiction problem is not completely focusing on the task at hand. An excellent solution for achieving recovery and without facing additional challenges is with an outpatient addiction treatment program.

      Healing of the Mind

      Although being treated for an addiction on an in-patient basis is sometimes necessary, often these outpatient addiction treatment programs focus primarily on issues surrounding physical dependency. Obviously, this is one aspect of overcoming an addiction but for total healing, the mind and spirit must also be properly treated. With the right outpatient addiction treatment, an individual has the opportunity to achieve overall wellness. In fact, there are a number of programs that take a natural approach to dependency problems, which are highly effective and safe. Natural treatments have in fact become a growing trend because they work and as in the case of what AWAREmed Health Wellness Recourse Center offers, the body, mind, and spirit are restored and balanced to a healthy state. However, the NER treatment associated with this organization goes beyond this by introducing appropriate supplements that actually repair damage done to both the brain and endocrine system caused by illicit drug, prescription medication, and alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, this is something that the majority of conventional programs do not address. In addition to healing of the mind that comes from the program structure itself, the ability to recover at home helps boost optimism and confidence while eliminating feelings of shame and embarrassment.

      Regardless of how good a treatment program is, any outpatient addiction treatment will not be successful unless the individual with the dependency admits a problem exists. Simply put, this person needs to do some level of soul searching to understand why there is an addiction problem in the first place but also recognize various triggers for the behavior. As an example, if the dependency is food, the individual must start by being honest about having the addiction but along with this, learn the reasons for finding comfort in food as well as identifying the stressors that lead to the behavior of overeating. With accountability established, a well-developed outpatient addiction treatment program paves the way for full recovery. By bringing the body, mind, and spirit into alignment with the use of support and natural supplements, there is no reason for this type of program to fail. This treatment option is unique compared to others because it realizes that all addictions are multi-faceted problems.

      Ongoing Success

      As mentioned, there are times when an individual needs to be admitted to a hospital or rehab center to overcome an addiction but even with the best programs there are often two common problems. First, symptoms of withdrawal are not always treated effectively. This means someone with a more serious drug or alcohol addiction will expect to go through a period of physical and mental discomfort, and often, pain. Second, without ongoing maintenance and support, success of recovery is short-lived. Today, one of the best outpatient addiction treatment programs is offered by the AWAREmed Health Wellness Resource Center founded by Dr. Dalal Akoury. With the treatment options available, addictions of all types can be conquered and then controlled.

      Taking a Different Approach to Addiction

      Based on the kind of dependency, the AWAREmed Health Wellness Resource Center provides a unique blend of herbal remedies. However, the reason this particular program has helped so many people is that along with supplements that repair damage to the brain and endocrine system, there is education about proper diet and exercise, as well as support. Because of this, not only is the goal of recovery attainable but also permanent sobriety and healthy living. This outpatient addiction treatment is so effective and safe that detoxification and maintenance are beneficial to adults and adolescents alike. All of the nutrients to include natural herbs, vitamins, and amino acids work to heal the body and boost mood and performance. As a result, the person going through the program feels better physically and psychologically, which in turn makes it easier to stay on course both short and long-term. The AWAREmed Health Wellness Resource Center is dedicated to helping people achieve recovery and thanks to the outpatient addiction treatment this is possible while being in the privacy of the home.

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