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      Keeping the breast skin beautiful after child birth

      Breast sagging

      Even though the breast is not always exposed to the public like the face is, this part of the body forms great beauty and attraction to every woman. Therefore keeping the breast skin beautiful after child birth is very dear to most women. Because we understand that this is a very key component of a woman’s beauty, we want to highlight certain points that may cause many women to be uncomfortable with the looks on their breast. If you have been with us on this link for some time now, you must have read the various treatment procedures offered at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under Doctor Akoury’s care. We mention one of the most desired procedures called the vampire breast lift. This is one of the most current treatment procedures which are preferred by many women toward keeping the breast skin beautiful after child birth. You can schedule for an appointment with doctor Dalal Akoury today for repositioning of your breast.

      It is true that the breasts of a woman will undergo major changes after giving birth to a baby, and to help us understand these transformations the following are some of the most common changes that take place in the life of a woman causing them to lose the beauty of their breast:

      Keeping the breast skin beautiful after child birth – Breast composition

      During pregnancy a woman’s breasts change in readiness to provide milk for the newborn baby.

      • The biggest change is in the actual composition of the breast tissue.
      • An increase in the female hormone estrogen causes the milk ducts in the breast to grow and branch out.
      • In late pregnancy, the milk ducts in the breasts have almost completely replaced areas which were previously occupied by fatty tissue.
      • A woman’s breast size may increase several cup sizes during pregnancy.

      When a woman weans her baby or if she does not breastfeed, the milk ducts in the breasts begin to shrink as they are no longer needed. As the breasts are primarily composed of milk ducts, the breasts also reduce. Women commonly report that their breasts feel hollow or deflated. If the weaning occurs abruptly the breast shrinkage can be quite instant. Over time, however, fat tissue does begin to replace the milk ducts in the breast and they may start to feel fuller. If weaning occurs gradually some of this fat tissue returns at the same time as the milk ducts are shrinking and so the change in the breasts is not as dramatic. Just as it takes months for the breasts to get ready for their breastfeeding duties it takes many months for breasts to return to a pre-pregnancy state once a woman stops breastfeeding. This is what is causing many women great concern and a phone call to doctor Akoury for an appointment will unlock the mystery behind the aging breast skin.

      Keeping the breast skin beautiful after child birth – Breast sagging

      When the breasts grow during pregnancy and breastfeeding the skin of the breasts also grows. When a woman weans her baby or if she does not breastfeed the size of her breast reduces but the extra skin doesn’t causing the breast to sag. Breast sagging is more pronounced in women with large breast than those with smaller breast. It is important to note that breast sagging is worsened by smoking as it breaks down the elastin in the skin which provides support.

      One very important point to note is that breast sagging is a natural thing and may not be avoided in the long run. Even though this is bound to happen someday, the changes which take place during pregnancy impacts on the breast strongly and speed up sagging. Doctor Akoury in her office will you’re your breast a whole package of restoration using the most natural treatment procedure known as vampire face lift among other healthy treatment procedures that will help in keeping the breast skin beautiful after child birth.

      Keeping the breast skin beautiful after child birth – Stretch marks

      While women are aware of the possibility of getting stretch marks on their abdomen during pregnancy, many are surprised to find that their breasts can also be affected. Stretch marks are more likely to occur when breasts grow rapidly, although some women are just more prone to them. During pregnancy a woman’s breasts can enlarge anywhere from one to three cup sizes. Normally stretch marks occur when the collagen fibers in the deeper layers of the skin are put under strain and actually fray and break. Stretch marks can be pink, red, purple or brown in colour. And because stretch marks cause damage to collagen fibers they will always remain. However, the good news is that with time they will eventually fade to a pale silvery colour.

      Keeping the breast skin beautiful after child birth – Changes to aerola and nipple

      During pregnancy the nipples and the aerola (the pigmented area immediately surrounding the nipples) become darker in colour. These pigment changes tend to be permanent with the nipples/aerola being darker than before pregnancy. The aerola can also thicken and become larger in diameter. Women’s nipples also tend to remain longer than before they were pregnant.

      Keeping the breast skin beautiful after child birth – Accepting breast changes

      We are living in a time where everyone would want to look good and only identify with the best. Take for example the celebrity women. These category of people will get their boy’s back very fast even after delivery. It is because of this fact that many ladies would want to identify with them. However it is important to note that celebrities have the services of dieticians, personal trainers and the like to get them back in shape in such a very short time. You too can get this kinds of treatment which will restore your beauty in record time if you consult with doctor Akoury who is a skincare professional of over two decades. She has been of help to so many people across the globe and scheduling for an appointment with her will not only make you look like the celebrities but to have a more healthy skin not just on the breast but also on the entire body.

      Keeping the breast skin beautiful after child birth – Breastfeeding and breast changes

      Finally breastfeeding is often blamed for the way a woman’s breast look and feel after having a baby. However it must be noted that it is only pregnancy process that changes the breasts and not breastfeeding. The changes in breast composition are complete in late pregnancy so it does not matter if a woman breastfeeds or not. This has been confirmed scientifically from several studies and so you should not starve your baby for fear of losing the beauty of your breast.

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