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      Teenagers Sagging Breasts

      Preventing Saggy breasts and keeping perky look

      As a young girl you will be very much concern seeing indications that your breast is beginning to saw signs of sagging and if this progresses further and you notice that your breast are actually drooping you will have a reason of getting worried. However this is only normal and you need not to be alarmed. The sagging of the breast is bound to happen at some point of time in most women with only a negligible women population who naturally have very small breast may not experience the drooping of their breast. While appreciating that sagging of teenage breast is rare, teenage girls with large breast or those who exercise frequently are likely to experience more sagging. Therefore it is important noting that preventing the worsening of sagging breasts is much easier than treating it and so if you notice that your breasts are beginning to sag prematurely you should not panic because there are several options available to you.

      Normal Breast Shape

      The development of the breast begins shortly before puberty and the breast will develop from a raised nipple the breast will become raised and will grow glandular tissue until the breast fills out to an adult breast. Breast shape and size depends on;

      • Body weight
      • Genetics and
      • Hormones

      This therefore makes the shape of breast of every woman to vary. Now what is it therefore that causes the breast to sag and anything be done to keep our ladies most feminine assets in their prime? This is a worthy question and you’re at the right place for the best solution that will keep your most feminine asset in place. For all matters concerning sagging breast at whatever age, teenage or adult you can call doctor Dalal Akoury for a consultative appointment. Doctor Akoury is a medical professional with more than two decades of practice in the same discipline and has been of help for many people globally regain their breast back in the desired shape. Let us get some of the things that influences breast sagging before we get back to what doctor Akoury can do for you to help you get the best from the best.

      Force of Gravity and Genes

      Did you know that of all parts of the body, the breast is one most affected by the force of gravity? Once the woman’s body is fully developed in her late teens to mid-twenties, she will start facing an uphill battle to defy the downward pull by the gravity. The challenge becomes more demanding in the sense that while an average pair of breasts weighs around 2lbs to 4lbs there’s not much of a natural support structure to keep them in place. This is because the breast does not have muscles and tissues to hold it to shape. Doctor Akoury as a breast specialist will tell you that drooping breasts can have a serious psychological impact on a woman because a large part of a woman’s femininity is on her breasts. Sagging is therefore a predictable change even though it can have a profound impact. The impact would therefore include such feelings women get when they can’t control the changes in their breasts some of which are:

      • Inferiority
      • Distorted body image
      • Unattractiveness
      • Worthlessness

      The condition even has its own medical name ptosis and droopiness can be graded by doctors on a three stage scale that is to say:

      • In pert young breasts, the nipple is usually above the line where the base of the breast meets the chest or the infra-mammary fold.
      • By stage two, the nipple is around one to three inches below that point.
      • At stage three, the breast hangs more than 3cm below, with the nipple often pointing down to the floor.

      Over a lifetime, a woman with heavy breasts may see her nipples drop by as much as ten or 11cms if they descend to her waistline it is therefore very important to note that the breasts are made of a mixture of mammary glands and fat. Through this combinations run hundreds of pieces of tissue which connect the bulk of the breast to the skin and keep the breast suspended. How pert your breasts stay depends partly on the genes which govern how much fat, glands and connective tissue they contain. Generally, the more connective tissue and glands you have, the firmer and more buoyant your breasts are likely to be. Finally the size of your breast will also dictate how firm they stay. The heavier they are the more strain on the skin and supporting ligaments which like elastic bands, stretch permanently under persistent pressure.

      Try Keeping your Weight Stable

      There are two places where fat is found in the breast. Seventy per cent of breast fat is mixed with the glands to form the main bulk of the bosom and the rest of the fat is found in a layer of padding just under the skin. It’s this that tends to fluctuate in thickness as you gain and lose weight. Nonetheless in the event that this layer thickens dramatically and then thins out again due to yo-yo dieting it will permanently stretch the supporting skin, leading to a droopier chest. Therefore one of the best things you can do for your breasts is to maintain a constant body weight for your height that’s within the recommended range.


      Like I had indicated in our previous article on this link many women and not just women, it is commonly believed that saggy breasts is as a result of breastfeeding, this is not true because it has been proven from various researches that it’s the expansion and contraction of the milk glands triggered by pregnancy, rather than breastfeeding that causes droopiness.

      Physical Activities

      This bears tow roles it can either be good to a healthy and much firmer breast due to the improved blood supply on the breast and because there is no muscle in the breast itself, it is possible to build up the underlying pectorals for a lifting effect. However some activities like for instance running can take their toll on your breast because when you run without proper support, the breasts bounce in a figure of eight, causing wear and tear on the supporting ligaments. The experts have established that the breasts move an average of 10cms up and down, side-to-side, and forwards and backwards. The larger your cup size, the greater the force on the breasts and the more they need to be restrained to avoid damage to connective tissue and ligaments.

      You can’t help your Hormones

      Estrogen is the main hormone influencing how your breasts look, it is this female sex hormone, which first makes the breasts grow and stimulates the development of a tree-like network of milk ducts leading to the nipple. As you grow progressively every month and as part of the menstrual cycle, rising levels of estrogen prepare a woman’s body for possible pregnancy.

      One side effect is that it stimulates the breast tissue by making it expand and retain water and after menopause, when estrogen levels begin to fall permanently milk ducts and glands ceases to work and shrink making the breasts feel emptier. At this point the tissue which makes breasts firm also shrivels and gets replaced by fat, which is heavier and less able to withstand gravity.

      In conclusion dear reader a call or visitation of AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center under a facility founded by Doctor Akoury will be the turning point for you as a teenage girl or an adult lady because doctor Akoury together with her team of experts will up on evaluating your situation, will administer treatment to you using the most desired methods like Vampire breast lift to restore your attractiveness and lost self-esteem in just under one hour and with very negligible pain or no pain at all. You want total restoration of your breast, call doctor Akoury today.

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