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      Coffee Enemas and Cancer Treatment

      Coffee Enema Offers an Effective Alternative Cancer Treatment

      The search for better cancer treatment has led to discovery of many healthy plants that can help in curing the disease much effectively without leaving the patients with side effects. Most of these plants had been used in the past in some parts of the world where they were highly revered and treasured.  One of these treasured cancer treating plants is coffee. The coffee enemas have been found to have anticancer abilities and hence effective as an alternative cancer treatment.

      However coffer enemas is not a new discovery per se, it had been used in the past in some parts of the world especially in France where a glass of coffee enemas was taken after every meal for its many health benefits. It was considered a healthy treat as it also gave a good complexion to the users. In fact history has it that King Louis XIV took 2,000 glasses of coffee enemas in his lifetime.

      Coffee enemas were first featured in the cancer cure by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1930s. The coffee enemas were an important component of the Gerson’s powerful therapy and his cancer patients proved that the coffee enemas are an effective anticancer treatment. Very many cancer patients are still using the Gerson’s therapy and still benefitting from use of coffee enemas.

      Brief explanation of the Gerson’s therapy

      The Gerson’s therapy is a natural approach to treatment of cancer and other diseases. The therapy is based on organic diet that is mainly composed of vegetables and fruit juices. The diet helps the body to recover by activating the body’s natural healing abilities. Gerson’s program also features coffee enemas plus other natural supplements that are geared towards helping the body to heal itself. It also helps in boosting immune system and is helpful in fighting diseases like cancer, allergies, arthritis and diabetes among others. The Gerson’s therapy does not only treat the symptoms of the disease but removes all the toxic substances entirely from the body. It cures directly from the cell level and that means that it uproots the disease causing agents from their roots destroying them completely.

      The patients will have to consume about 13 glasses of vegetable and fruit juices daily for a specified period of time. The vegetables are also semi cooked to retain oxygen which is essential to the cells. Research has shown that poor cell oxygenation beckons cancer.

      The Gerson’s therapy also encourages consumption of foods that are rich in potassium and iodine which are known to increase the metabolism rate. This helps in providing the healthy cells with energy by breaking down fats, proteins and cholesterols. It also helps in effective excretion of sodium.

      Coffee enemas were used for detoxification in Gerson’s therapy

      Dr. Gerson emphasized detoxification in cancer treatment as that is the only avenue through which disease causing carcinogens or better yet free radicals that may result in abnormal cell growth are removed from the body. We are never free from pollution as everything in our environment is polluted and so it calls for effective detoxification. Use of coffee enemas in detoxification is very effective and helps cleanse the entire body. With the high exposure of genetically modified organism, that is considered to trigger cancer, we are at higher risks of getting the disease. In Gerson’s program detoxification is done with coffee enemas.

      Coffee enemas are good for liver detoxification. The liver is the largest internal organ and is the body’s “watchman” anything that enters your belly must pass through the liver for filtration where the liver decides whether it can be absorbed into the body or excreted. Due to the highly toxic environment we live in our livers are overburdened with this work and gets accumulated by the toxins hence needs to be detoxified. Coffee enemas help improve the liver’s ability to filter toxins from the serum.

      Why does it have to be coffee?

      The contents of coffee are believed to be very healthy. Caffeine is believed to stimulate the liver and the gall bladder to effectively discharge bile. Coffee plays a role in dilating the bile duct helping to improve the detoxification function. This may be ridiculed but a research done by  Dr. Lee Wattenberg in 1981 revealed that some substances found in coffee such as  kahweol and cafestol palmitate enhances detoxification by the help of enzyme glutathione S-tranferase. This enzyme is effective in neutralizing free radicals in the body hence promotes detoxification of disease causing carcinogens.

      Today the coffee enemas are not only used by the Gerson’s cancer patients but are now used by different physicians in treatment of varied health conditions in their patients. It has become well known for its effectiveness in cancer treatment. However, it is used for other illnesses too such as constipation, fatigue and is also used in liver detoxification. If you are only hearing of coffee enemas today you can know it works wonders in cancer treatment as well as in general wellness.

      And Finally…

      Coffee enemas are good in cancer treatment but also help in relieving constipation, insomnia, fatigue and other conditions. They are also effective in elimination of bacteria, parasites and other pathogens without negatively disrupting body activities. The Gerson’s therapy used coffee enemas in cancer treatment. The coffee enemas are also mentioned in the Merck Manual which is a reference book that was used by doctors in the 1970s.

      Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) has profound knowledge on cancer and can offer you a good advice on how to stay cancer free. Frequently check this website for most current updates on cancer treatment. Generally, natural approach to cancer treatment is worth a try.

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