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      DMSO and Cancer Treatment

      DMSO As an Alternative Cancer Treatment

      Cancer is a disease that is synonymous to pain. The pain that thecancer patients suffer while going through treatment can never be underestimated. Conventional chemotherapy may be effective in treating the disease but it has far more severe side effects that make patients to seek for other alternative cancer treatments. Doctors on the other hand have been trying to get better ways through which cancer can be treated more effectively without hurting the healthy cells as common with the conventional chemotherapy. Very many developments have been Made even in the chemotherapy treatment to make it more effective and less painful. Other alternative have also been discovered yet others are still coming up. One of the alternatives to cancer treatment is the use of DMSO which has become popular over a time.

      What is DMSO?

      DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) is  purely a natural product from the timber industry. It had been in the timber industry for a long time before its medicinal abilities were discovered. The product has been used in the past in its crude form by doctors and athletes to address muscle problems and some injuries. It is said to be a good healing agent as it increases the blood supply to the areas that are injured. This product has been approved by FDA as a treatment for interstitial cystitis (bladder inflammation). It is very gentle but has very powerful healing properties. Several research have been done to reveal the ability of the Dimethyl Sulfoxide in treating cancer, however this is one of the effective cancer treatments that is not easily understood. The patients that have used it got healed but it’s hard to tell which properties it contains that is so powerful in killing cancer cell. Even after the many patients that have been healed by Dimethyl Sulfoxide treatment, FDA has only approved of it as an organ preservative and a cure for interstitial cystitis.

      The history of DMSO as a pharmaceutical product can be traced back to the 1961. It is said that its medical abilities were discovered by Dr. Jacob who was the head of an organ transplant program at Oregon Health University. He tested the colorless liquid as an organ preservative and found that it could penetrate deep into the skin without causing any harm on the skin. His discovery led to his journey; researching on the medical properties of DMSO. After Dr. Jacob’s discovery DMSO became so known through the various media that spread its medicinal potential. This generated lots of interest in cancer doctors and researchers who began doing lots of research  on the ability of this product in treating cancer.

      With many researches that were conducted and tests on cancer patients, DMSO was found to be effective in cancer treatment. With reference to the state of cancer patients that were put on the DMSO treatment, it was verified that DMSO is an effective cancer treatment as it done away with the most aggressive tumors that had even metastasized to the lymph nodes and other areas of the body. The use of DMSO in cancer treatment has been successful mostly in the fight against the lymphomas, glioblastoma, melanoma, prostate, and colon cancer. The use of DMSO is also common with other types of cancers where it has also been successful.

      How does it help in cancer treatment?

      DMSO was referred to us a medical wonder product or better yet as the aspirin of the 21st century by the  Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Forbidden Treatments (published by Medical Research Associates LLC). This medicinal wonder product has a molecular bond with water that is 1.3 times stronger than water molecular bond with itself. It is faster in penetrating through the cell membranes, taking with it substances that would not have penetrated the cell membrane. It is effective in restoring damaged cells as it penetrates into the cells thereby hydrating them. DMSO penetrates into the cell changing its water structure and improves cell permeability which is good in flushing out toxins in a cell. Leaving the cells more nourished and free from the toxins that may cause cancer.

      This wonderful product is rich in medicinal abilities that have been seen to cure cancer, however it is not understood how it achieves all this just like aspirin medicinal abilities were not understood until recently. DMSO is known as a carrier solvent. So when it penetrates the tumor cells it carries away the dextrose that the cancer cell relies on for energy leaving them to starve. It is also believed to kill the most metabolically active cells; cancer cells. This leads to the effective killing of cancer cells without harm to the body cells.

      Those who have used the DMSO treatment opine that it can penetrate the proteins that surrounds the cancer cells forming a shell and so may help other medications such as the chemotherapy drugs in reaching the cells killing them. As it penetrates the cancer cells it carries away the nutrients that the cancer cells rely on reducing the energy levels in the cancer cells leaving them weak and benign.

      It is also known to stimulate the immune system  .It is also known to scavenge for hydroxyl radicals which are the most potent free radicals. This is one of the ways it helps in cancer treatment since the free radicals are known to fuel cancer cell growth and metastasis. Their ability to scavenge for free radicals has seen this treatment becoming popular for cancer patients while undergoing chemotherapy. Chemotherapy must generate free radicals to kill the cancer cell and it’s these free radicals that are responsible for those side effects as hair loss and nausea. Patients who use DMSO while on chemotherapy evade these side effects.

      Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) has profound knowledge on this topic and can offer you a good advice on how to easily adopt the program. Frequently check this website for most current updates on cancer treatment. Generally, this approach to cancer treatment is worth a try.

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