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      IV NAD in Cancer Treatment

      IV NAD as an Alternative cancer treatment

      What is NAD?

      Nicotinamide Adenamide Dinucleotide (NAD) is an important molecule in the body of humans that is related to the process of production of energy required for all life activities. Basically, the food that we eat is usually broken down through a complex biochemical process to produce this molecule. The NAD molecule that is produced is then used to transport hydrogen at the cellular level. The combination of hydrogen that is carried by this molecule with oxygen within the mitochondria of the cell produces energy and water as byproducts of the reaction. The energy, which is produced in the form of a molecule called ATP, is what drives the processes of life in the body of a normal human being.

      For healthy individuals, the importance of NAD cannot be overemphasized. First, availability of the molecule in sufficient amounts is necessary for one to experience a feeling of overall physical energy. Further, having sufficient amounts of NAD in the body is associated with good mental health, increased libido and overall good health. All these are positive attributes that make this molecule an important determinant of how healthy a person is at any given time. The reverse is true; deficiency of NAD in the body often leads to prolonged fatigue and other related illnesses.

      Relationship between NAD and Cancer

      There is a very complex relationship between the NAD molecule and different types of cancer. To begin with, the molecule is a byproduct of a complicated biochemical process known as the citric acid cycle in the cells. At the start of the citric acid cycle is vitamin B3, an important nutrient that is derived from good nutrition. Therefore, vitamin B3 is an important precursor for the production of NAD in the body.

      One of the most important types of vitamin B is Niacin. This is a chemical that is produced in the body of a healthy individual and its function is to produce special enzymes that are required for the proper production and utilization of NAD. The enzymes are also useful in that they ensure that the Kreb’s cycle within the cells progresses without any major interruption. In the event that the cycle is interrupted as a result of lack of coenzymes, which can be traced back to insufficient niacin in the body, the cells of the body get exposed to the possibility of development of cancer.

      The link between deficiency of NAD and possible development of cancer can best be understood when one considers what happens to the cells of the body when the normal Kreb’s cycle is interrupted with. Under such conditions, there is increased production of lactic acid and fermentation as the body cells seek to get a new source of energy. With increased fermentation, there is a rise in the level of lactic acid within the cells. It is such anaerobic conditions that precipitate the conversion of somatids into fungi – like microorganisms that have been found to play a key role in inducing changes in otherwise normal and healthy body cells into toxic and cancerous ones.

      Therefore, lack of niacin leads to deficiency in NAD which in turn causes a decline in the amount of important enzymes. The end result is that the cell environment becomes toxic, characterized by an increase in lactic acid, conditions that ultimately lead to cancer development.

      How IV NAD works as an alternative cancer treatment

      There are several specific ways in which IV NAD treatment works as a component of an alternative cancer treatment regimen. What one needs to know, however, is that when administered intravenously, the treatment is quite effective because then NAD is transported to the brain of patient. Since this is where the receptors of the molecule are located, intravenous administration of this treatment produces intense and long standing results in patients. It is here that the effects of the molecule are felt before being replicated in the other parts of the body.

      One way in which IV NAD treatment can be useful for cancer patients as part of the alternative treatment therapy being used lies in its characteristic as a strong detoxification agent. Basically, NAD has been known to rid the cells of all manner of toxins that accumulate over the course of time, particularly under conditions of a debilitating condition like cancer. Therefore, when administered to cancer patients, IV NAD treatment enhances the overall health of the patient by cleansing the cells of the body of all manner of toxins.

      Another way in which this form of treatment can be useful as an alternative cancer treatment technique lies in its ability to boost the effectiveness of other forms of treatment that are in use. This treatment is effective in enhancing the ability of pharmacological drugs being used as treatment to kill cancerous cells in the body of a patient. The exact mechanism by which the treatment enhances the cancer – killing ability of chemotherapy while preserving normal body cells is a topic of research.

      Therefore, common understanding is that niacin itself shown anti- cancer properties and when used as part of an IV NAD treatment in cancer patients, is able to enhance the effectiveness of other standard therapies being used.

      IV NAD is offered at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center as part of alternative cancer treatment therapy. Dr. Dalal Akoury has won accolades in the practice of alternative treatment for cancer. You can pay her a visit for this service as well as other natural methods of overcoming NAD deficiency in the body.

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