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      Rectal Ozone and Cancer

      Coffee Enemas, Rectal Ozone and Detoxification in Cancer Treatment.

      Cancer treatment is a subject that has involved lots of research and still up to now medical researchers and other doctors are still doing lots of research to come up with new ways to better treat cancer. Basing on the findings of the past researches, we find that our environment plays a major role in cancer cell formation as it exposes as to toxins that may change the DNA makeup of our healthy body cells putting us at a risk of developing cancer.

      Detoxification is a necessity in cancer treatment

      Detoxification is a very important process in cancer treatment especially through the natural ways. The basis of treating cancer by detoxification is that the cancerous cells formation are as a result of the many toxins in our bodies that we get from the environment in the air we breathe as well as in the foods we eat. We may also get cancer from malignant body cells that may turn cancerous resulting into tumors in our bodies. All malignant cells and free radicals should be flushed out of our bodies to ensure we are free from cancer. Treating cancer without detoxification may not help as the toxins  present will lead to re-infection.

      Carcinogens that we expose ourselves to in our work environment for a long time will cause cancer by altering the DNA makeup. These toxins play a major role in cancer formation as well as the growth of tumor cells.

      Factory chemicals such are benzene and vinyl chloride are very dangerous and are known to cause certain types of cancer. This therefore calls for periodic detoxification to get rid of these toxins from the body.

      Detoxification helps in cleansing the organs by getting rid of toxins that may be cancerous, it also improves cell permeability that is good for cell survival. Cell permeability in turn makes cancer cell vulnerable by increasing its exposure to poison during chemotherapy. The benefits of detoxification in cancer treatment can’t be underestimated as through detoxification, malignant cells and free radicals that may be cancerous are flushed out of the body. Detoxification improves oxygen circulation within the cells however cancerous cells do not do well in presence of oxygen. They thrive in anaerobic conditions hence their growth is altered. Natural detoxification process is the best as they are less expensive, very effective and has no serious side effects. One of the natural detoxification methods is by use of coffee enemas.

      Coffee enemas and its role in cancer treatment

      Coffee enemas are very effective for detoxifying the body; getting rid of the cancer causing malignant cells and free radicals. Coffee enemas were first featured in cancer treatment by Dr. Gerson in his popular Gerson’s therapy. It was used in detoxification in the therapy.

      Caffeine which is a major component of coffee has been proved to stimulate the liver and the gall bladder to effectively release bile. Coffee plays a role in dilating the bile duct helping to improve the detoxification function. The proof of this fact is evident in a research done by Dr. Lee Wattenberg in 1981 which revealed that some substances found in coffee such as kahweol and cafestol palmitate aids in detoxification through the help of enzyme glutathione S-tranferase. This enzyme helps in neutralizing free radicals in the body hence promotes detoxification of cancer causing toxins.

      The liver which is the largest internal organ plays very many roles. It lays a fortress that diseases find hard to pass as all nutrients that enter your body must pass through the liver for filtration where they are either excreted or absorbed. Our exposure to dangerous chemicals makes our livers overworked and this may affect its functions. It is therefore necessary for the liver to be detoxified. Coffee enemas help improve the liver’s ability to filter toxins from the serum. Coffee enemas offer an effective detoxification method in cancer treatment.

      Rectal Ozone is much safer

      In the past doctors have effectively been using the ozone therapy to treat cancer patients. The method was effective. However the doctors are making changes in the way the ozone therapy is administered to patients. In the past Autohemotherapy was used as a method of administering ozone therapy into patients. It involved removing pints of a patient’s blood, exposing the blood to ozone and re-injecting the blood intravenously back into the patient’s body. This treatment however effective was more invasive and doctors developed a new way of administering the ozone therapy; the Rectal Insufflation. This method is less invasive and is easy to administer. Unlike Autohemotherapy it does not require any removal of the patient’s blood. It is therefore safer, less painful but just as effective as Autohemotherapy.

      The ozone therapy is a popular cancer treatment alternative as it is friendly to the patient; it has no side effects as common with other treatment methods. It uses the high oxidant property of the ozone to kill the cancer cells which cannot not resist the oxidant ability of the ozone. In the healthy cells the blood tames the oxidant ability of the ozone hence they can dwell in it. Rectal ozone has some advantages over Autohemotherapy. These may include; it is easy to administer, it is less invasive hence does not cause pain, it is the best in curing chronic hepatitis in patients.

      How is rectal ozone done?

      The procedure involves inserting a small catheter into the rectum about 4 inches. 3 to 6 ounces of ozone is administered into the patient for about 10 minutes. The patients lay on her side. The doctors refrains the patient from bowel movement or passing gas for about 30 minutes after the procedure is done. For this reason it is always recommended that this process be done after the patient has had bowel movements for convenience.

      Dr. Dalal Akoury (MD) has profound knowledge on cancer and can offer you a good advice on how to stay cancer free. Frequently check this website for most current updates on cancer treatment. Generally, natural approach to cancer treatment is worth a try.

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