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      Salicinium Therapy for Cancer Treatment

      Curing Cancer? Salicinium Therapy for Cancer Treatment

      Cancer is a common health condition that continues to claim the lives of the old as well as the young. Basically anybody is at risk of getting cancer. Research has shown that one in every three people will develop a form of cancer.

      It is a condition that affects the functioning ofcells in the body. There are so many types of cancers today. Cancer results in cells growing uncontrollably. The condition has been associated mostly with lifestyle. Medical experts therefore believe that adjusting your lifestyle will reduce your risk of being sick. I am talking about adjusting to a healthier diet, exercising regularly and quitting habits like smoking.

      Your health is in your own hands and you can make that leap of faith by choosing to lead a normal healthy life. Your body reacts to how you treat it. If you chose to get plenty of exercise once in a while or eating the right kind of diet, then the more likely you are to remain healthy.

      Going for regular medical check-ups will help diagnose health problems before they become something big to deal with. Being diagnosed with cancer for instance doesn’t mean a death sentence. It can be cured if detected early and there are so many treatments out there that will help you lead a normal life even with cancer.

      You won’t lose anything by going to the doctor once in a while for general medical check-up. Instead, it will give you the satisfaction that you are leading a healthy life. If any problem was to be detected, the doctors will start the treatment early.

      The most common form of cancer treatment is surgery. It involves removal of the cancerous tumor before it spreads to other parts of the body. Other forms of treatment that may come after or to replace surgery include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, gene therapy, stem cell transplant and hormone therapy, among others.

      The symptoms of cancer can develop for years. Diagnosis of the disease takes a few weeks. Most patients do not realize that they are developing cancer until the condition becomes severe. This is why I maintain that regular visit to the doctor will do you no harm.

      How Cancer Occurs

      Aerobic respiration is a process where cells take in glucose and break it down in the presence of oxygen to form energy. This energy is needed for the various functions of the body. Glucose is more efficient when there is oxygen.

      When oxygen is absent, it results in anaerobic respiration. Here instead of sugar in this case glucose being broken down to energy, the glucose is fermented. Fermentation occurs in conditions where there is sugar but no oxygen.

      This is how cancer occurs. The cancerous cells thrive in such conditions. Fermentation also results in a drop in pH level of the blood leading to acidic conditions. Cancer is one of the fermentation diseases. Some of the other known diseases of fermentation include athlete’s foot, Candida albicans or even fungal infections affecting the lungs or other tissues.  These kinds of diseases can lead to untold suffering and severe pain.

      Salicinium in Cancer Treatment

      Salicinium is a plant extract that is very natural. It has been used for years in the fight against cancer. It is one of the complex sugar molecules. Glycolysis is a natural phase of both aerobic and anaerobic respiration. Cancerous cells rely mostly on glycolysis.

      Research has shown that salicinium contains compounds that can stop the first phase of glycolysis without necessarily having an effect on the other part. In short it can be able to stop the oxygen independent part that leads to fermentation.

      This happens by stopping the fermentation process. Generally the fermenting cells here are the cancerous cells. This natural plant extract can alter anaerobic respiration by targeting fermenting cells and stopping anaerobic respiration in them.

      It is efficient since it does this without destroying the healthy cells. It main target is only on the fermenting cells and not the healthy ones.

      Unlike other forms of cancer treatment like chemotherapy which can end up destroying even the healthy cells, salicinium therapy works on the contrary. It ensures that the healthy cells are untouched. This allows them to continue performing all the necessary functions in the body.

      However, it should be noted that salicinium does not necessarily destroy or kill the fermenting cells. The immune system is the only on that can do this. All this therapy does is stop fermentation by allowing cells to go back to their normal functioning. This in return boosts the immune system to destroy the fermenting cells which in this case do not perform the expected functions of cells.

      In normal conditions the immune system aids in generation of new cells to replace the old and worn out ones. When silicinium stops the fermentation process of the cells it gives way for the immune system to generate new cells to replace them. This gets the body back to its healthy state.

      What makes this kind of cancer therapy efficient is its ability to target only the affected cells. It does not lead to destruction of normal cells.  It should however be used in right amounts and only the correct form of the molecule should be used.

      Dr. Dalal Akour has had many years of experience with patients with terminal illnesses including cancer. With this kind of experience, she has improved the quality of lives for many people. You too can be part of her life transforming journey. Contact her today to get more medical advice on this as well as other health awareness tips.

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